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"Having fought the battles with all that I had and failed, now the pen is my sword."
Winner - World Humanitarian Awards 2018
Screenwriter (2013 - present)
Five Winning/Finalist Screenplays.
Winner (4th) Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards November 2015.
Poetry (2000 - 2016)
Author/Publisher four non-fiction books (1990 - 2009)
Publisher/Editor 'Profiler' Magazine series (1999 - 2007) .
Author - children's stories (1999 - 2007)
Director - Law Firm (2007 - 2013) (Litigation Specialist).
Mastering all with which she is entrusted: Medicine (first triage), Law (her own legal practice), Manufacturer (largest Stainless Steel manufacturing plant) Engineering (seven-year Government Grant), Twice-nominated (runner-up) Businesswoman of the Year, Singing (Coloratura trained at the New South Wales Conservatorium of Music in the class of Joan Sutherland). .
Poem for-The Saint - Kathleen my Mum
Patricia Poulos
As the sun was rising at 6.15am
on the twenty-second day of December 2017,
this fair beauty of the north and
mother of seven living children
took her last breath.
The laughing of her favourite bird
the Kookaburra
was heralding in a new dawn
to the sweet smell of Gardenia
and the passing
of a Saint-who-did-no-harm.
With love and devotion
it would be her eldest
at her side to the end
the rest busy,
arranging her funeral
whilst she was still fighting to live.
With her hand on the chest of this Saint
the eldest felt the warmth of her body
cool, on the leaving of her soul.
She never complained,
this country-grown lass whose endurance
equalled that of a Trojan even,
when exploited by her own children.
Born the eldest of five
she carried her heavy burden lightly
as she laboured
to maintain her parents' household
her father absent,
working to provide for his growing family.
Her mother was of aristocratic stock.
At eighteen this beautiful young lass married,
a man sixteen years her senior who
would become, the love of her life.
This blossoming young girl would bear
seven living children, six,
by the age of twenty-six…
“The more the merrier” and
“trying for a football team” would be the response
to enquirers of these little ones.
But life was difficult after World War II.
Sharing someone else’s home during winter
with her first four
encased, in a cold metal coal-shed,
a mere grey blanket over the sharp black coals
another, over her children as she held them
tightly to keep them warm and avoid
the plummeting rain pouring
through the holes in the rusted tin roof.
The carrying of a dead unborn child to full-term,
would set her apart.
This strength of character would see her through
many losses in her ninety-four years.
Her inner beauty masking her age
she would be taken for a sixty-year-old.
On the passing of her beloved husband
she visited The Holy Lands on a Pilgrimage.
She was vulnerable.
For twenty-four years
she lived at the mercy of others
comforted only,
in the knowledge that her eldest,
would always be there… always, at her side.
On Saint Patrick’s Day
she would don her greens and
attend an Irish Pub where she would be treated,
as the princess that she was.
She retained her mental capacity
even in the presence of a frontal lobe tumour
editing movie-scripts.
This beauty,
which The Lord designated to be Our Mum
lay suffering,
at the hands of a government hospital
in which the aged
are scheduled for extermination.
Having lost her ability to speak
this Saint could not object.
Nor, did she complain at being swindled
by her youngest daughter
out of her home entitlement, the address
never revealed.
She rarely smiled yet,
two days before the seizure which led
to her final hospitalization, asleep,
her face was overcome
with a smile as never-before seen.
Her battle now at an end it is her eldest
left with the burden…
Had she done enough?...
Could she have done more?...
Should she have done better?
Dissatisfied with the answers it was she,
who would bear the loss
of this Saint-who-did-no-harm;
this partner-in-crime and best friend,
and upon whom, the burden of deficiencies remain.
But it was the failure of The Holy Spirit to come
to take the Saint
as it had her beloved which haunted the eldest,
only now, accepting, the Aura’s absence
was due to The Holy Spirit
already being within her wonderful mum
and it just needed,
to take her home.

Unique traits: "The most fearless, prophetic champion of our time." (Roger Scott, Finance Editor, The Sun Herald) "A lady who wishes all the world in happiness and joyfulness." Professor Zhu, China University of Political Science & Law, Beijing. "A Prophet." Baptist Minister, Reverend George Capsis. screenwriter, author, soprano, litigation consultant, manufacturer.



    PEBBLES ON THE BEACH Budget: $100K - $1M | Romance Family Kicking a pebble along a magical beach a school-boy becomes mesmerized by an apparition which materializes into the girl of his dreams.

  • The Benefactor!

    The Benefactor! Budget: $1M - $5M | Thriller Drama A businesswoman incensed by the treatment of farmers by predator bankers, uses her own money to pay out their debts and provides interest-free loans in an attempt to prevent murder/suicides on the land, as she dodges the hitman.

  • meet The Devil!

    meet The Devil! Budget: $100K - $1M | Horror Fantasy An award-winning journalist who doesn't believe in God or the Devil interviews an author on her story on these 'mythical' characters landing him in Hell calling for God, to awaken questioning... nightmare?... 


    UNTOUCHABLE! Budget: $1M - $5M | Crime Drama An explosion rocks the corporate world when a blonde bombshell in stainless steel collides with the nation's most powerful man sending him into oblivion.


    GOD'S WARRIOR! Budget: $1M - $5M | Drama Crime A young woman appointed by God to be his Warrior finds she must fight battles on all fronts in her quest to save 'the little people'.


    AND THE DEVIL CALLED! Budget: $1M - $5M | Thriller Horror The Devil's gifts to a God-Chosen woman and his proposal, "... be my bride" rejected, charcoal-coloured Aliens are sent to implant into her brain 'compliance', as only she, has the power to re-ignite the flames of Hell. 


    DOORS OF MIRACLES Budget: $1M - $5M | Family Fantasy A young woman fearing another disaster hesitates, in giving thanks to God yet trembling, fights fear, gives thanks, and triggers Light descending from Heaven projecting her to its source to be returned with supernatural powers, miracles, and God speaks.


    MURDER in EMERGENCY! Budget: $1M - $5M | Thriller Drama A dedicated nurse fights to save her hospital from closure until she learns patients are being murdered and using the same dynamic thrust, stages war against it.


  • Doors of Miracles

    Doors of Miracles (1990 - 2015)
    Books I by Patricia Poulos (Family and Fantasy) Writer This is a story of miracles and a young woman's relationship with God, faith, and the universal experience of one who fought fear to "Thank you God".


  • Marquis 'Who's Who' in the world.

  • Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival Winner Best Screenplay Feature The Benefactor

  • L A Neo Noir Novel, Film Script Festival - Official Selection

  • Poetry Festival Best of MOTIVATIONAL/INSPIRATIONALPoetry - My Mum KATHLEEN

  • Marquis 'Who's Who' in the world.

  • World Humanitarian Award - Winner

  • Oaxaca Film Festival - And The Devil called! - Finalist

  • God Country Family Christian Film Festival - Finalist

  • Wildsound - Best Drama Logline - Emergency

  • Moviebytes - Top Ten - Fantasy - And The Devil called!

  • Moviebytes - Top Ten - Horror - And The Devil called!

  • Moviebytes - Top Ten - Fantasy - Doors of Miracles

  • Poetry Awards - Best of 2017 - Little Girl Lost (Diana Princess of Wales)

  • Wildsound - YouTube - Actor reading 'Little Girl Lost' (Diana Princess of Wales)

  • Christian Film Festival - Best Script - Doors of Miracles

  • Christian Film Festival - Best Writer - Doors of Miracles

  • Christian Film Festival - Fan Favourite - Doors of Miracles

  • Austin Revolution Film Festival - Semi Finalist - And The Devil called!

  • Los Angeles Independent Film Festival, Winner - Best Screenplay Feature (4th),

  • Moviebytes - Top Ten - Supernatural

  • True Stories - Official Selection

  • Cinequest Feature Screenplay - Quarter-Finalist

  • FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards - Finalist,

  • Moviebytes - Top Ten - Drama

  • AOF International Film Festival – Finalist - Doors of Miracles

  • Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition - Finalist

  • AOF International Film Festival - Best Dialogue Feature - 2nd Place

  • 13th Beverly Hills International Film Festival - Finalist,

  • Writers Network Screenplay & Fiction Competition - Finalist

  • Writers and Filmmakers - Finalist,

  • WSC Feature - Finalist

  • WriteMovies, Finalist,

  • Federation for World Peace - Ambassador for Peace

  • Bulletin/Qantas Australian Business Woman of The Year, runner-up,

  • Bulletin/Qantas Australian Business Woman of The Year, runner-up

  • Debrette's Peirage Handbook - Acknowledged





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