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Chiko Mendez

Sag-Aftra, BMI, AEA
Actor, Screenwriter, Singer and Voice Artist

New York City, New York

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About Chiko

Chiko arrived in New York only months old from Central America and adopted English as his first language. Still a child; he returns to his place of birth and as life became tough and poor, Chiko's mission was to finish school while surviving on nickel and dime jobs. He excelled in reading and writing becoming proficient in both English and Spanish. Throughout school he minored in theatrics and discovered a passion for performing. Along the way he picked up an old wooden guitar that helped unveil singing and songwriting capabilities.

Struggling through the environmental distress, Chiko often performed in local plays called "veladas"; where he sold hand-drawn tickets for a mere 5 cents and a bed sheet strung between two trees and tied with hand-braided twine was the curtain. His first radio encounter came when he hitchhiked across town barefoot with a 3-string guitar to join friends for a local contest. They performed live and won a first prize of five pesos. Chiko named themselves "Los Mestizos" which became his favorite after-school pastime.

Years of hustle lead to appearances in shows like NBC's Saturday Night Live, Junkyard Wars, Japan TV's Astonishing News, HBO's Sopranos, Law & Order, Burn Notice, etc. He attended HB Studios - after which he booked a string of projects he affectionately refers to as "the boot-camp of my career”; one of those being a coveted role as a backup singer to Marc Anthony in the movie "El Cantante", with Jennifer Lopez. Another was a pivotal scene where Chiko accompanied the sultry Mexican actress, Ana de La Reguera in "Paraiso Travel", starring John Leguizamo.

Performances in off Broadway theaters include The Producer's Club, Manhattan Rep. Theatre, LaTea, Poet's Den, etc. He’s interviewed with El Diario, El Especial, Daily News, The Source, Un Chin, Kiss FM, La Mega and was featured in a book by Spain's Tele-5 super-host; Javier Sarda.

On the music forefront, Chiko is an old school ballad and bolero vocalist who brings a natural and unique emotion to the more influential music of today’s genres. As a lyricist, musician and arranger his forte remains in creating something different yet still a top 40 fan. Tinkering in electronics lead him to build his first computer-based home studio where "Music Production 101" was self-taught. He went on to collaborate with Lisa Lisa, Dave Valentin, Tito Puente Jr., John Benitez, Jimmy Sabater and many others.

Chiko's music has been featured in films and has a few published CDs. Past music highlights include the "MTG All-Stars" (the musicians behind 'El Cantante'), the "Get Busy" Project, Chiko's funk-rap lyrical & vocal rendition of the classic Pozo/ Gillespie tune "Manteca"; by the "Revival All Stars" with Babi Floyd on scat, (Little Ray Romero's last session) and a multi-lingual experimental merengue-bachata project where he sang, wrote and arranged most songs.

Chiko's work spans the globe with unavoidable experience behind the scenes and is developing a slate of screenplays to also include original music. Chiko is a perfectionist by nature and thrives on ‘getting busy’ living through the creative process that like-minded entities share.


  • Sacrificial

    Sacrificial (2018)
    Film Actor

  • Cruise

    Cruise (2018)
    Film Miscellaneous Crew

  • Off The Grid: Survivalism and Frugality

    Off The Grid: Survivalism and Frugality (2018)
    Film Composer

  • Pussy Kills

    Pussy Kills (2017)
    Film Actor

  • The Tap

    The Tap (2017)
    TV Series Miscellaneous Crew

  • Smothered by Mothers

    Smothered by Mothers (2016)
    Film by Brian Herzlinger (Comedy) Actor Smothered By Mother's is a fast paced comedy. A professional football star loses all of his and his relatives money in a Ponzi scheme and becomes a father with three different women, all at the same time. The Ponzi scheme forces them to all live under one roof, and he has to pull off an elaborate caper in order to get his money back. Written by Jonathan Yaskoff

  • War Dogs

    War Dogs (2016)
    Film Actor

  • Drugs, Booze & Woes

    Drugs, Booze & Woes (2016)
    Film Actor

  • Luke Cage

    Luke Cage (2016)
    TV Series Actor

  • The Bright Side

    The Bright Side (2016)
    TV Short Miscellaneous Crew

  • Gold

    Gold (2016)
    Film Location management

  • Adahy Tohopka

    Adahy Tohopka (2015)
    Film (short) by Freddie Robinson Jr. (Horror) Actor Stranded tourists either survive the ills of the Florida Everglades or become prey for a bloodthirsty savage.

  • American Terror

    American Terror (2015)
    Film (short) by Eric Ramos (Action) Actor

  • In the Grave

    In the Grave (2015)
    Film by David Joerder (Drama and Thriller) Actor An alcoholic father of a missing teenage girl goes into the dark underworld of a human sex trade operation to find his daughter.

  • Oleander

    Oleander (2015)
    Film (short) by Pete Capo (Crime, Drama, Horror and Romance) Actor A lobster boat captain barely making ends meet is madly in love with his wife, an up and coming artist. We follow the unraveling of their relationship, and the desperate measures they take to win back the life they once had.

  • Polk County

    Polk County (2015)
    Film by Kenny Vathauer (Action, Comedy, Horror and Thriller) Actor, Stunts, Casting department Set in the deep south,the film centers around an underground snuff ring that travels from town to town destroying all in its path. This time, it's up to the locals of Polk County to take matters into their own hands or become another pit stop.

  • Unsound

    Unsound (2015)
    Film by Andrew Sarcone (Horror, Mystery and Thriller) Actor Roger has just been employed as a security guard at a high rise condominium during the overnight shift. But when residents start turning up dead Roger decides to take matters into his own hands. Not knowing who he can turn to, not even trusting the law, Roger becomes obsessed with solving the murders himself. This triggers a non stop chain of events that will forever force Roger to question all he knows. Written by Andrew Sarcone

  • South Beach

    South Beach (2015)
    Television (Crime, Drama and Music) Actor South Beach is set in the midst of an escalating rivalry between the two most powerful record labels in Miami... See full synopsis »

  • Ballers

    Ballers (2015)
    Television by Stephen Levinson (Comedy, Drama and Sport) Actor A series centered around a group of football players and their families, friends, and handlers.

  • Bloodline

    Bloodline (2015)
    Television by Daniel Zelman (Drama and Thriller) Actor A family of adult siblings find that their past secrets and scars are revealed when their black sheep of a brother returns home.

  • Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner

    Billy on the Street with Billy Eichner (2015)
    TV Series Transportation department

  • Ink Master

    Ink Master (2015)
    TV Series Transportation department

  • Broke A$$ Game Show

    Broke A$$ Game Show (2015)
    TV Series Transportation department

  • Hayride 2

    Hayride 2 (2015)
    Film by Terron R. Parsons (Action, Horror and Thriller) Music department The end of one journey only marks the beginning of another as Detective Loomis returns to uncover the truth behind the Legend of Pitchfork.

  • Miss Universe 2014

    Miss Universe 2014 (2015)
    Television by Ron de Moraes (Reality-TV) Miscellaneous Crew

  • Stop and Frisk

    Stop and Frisk (2014)
    Film (short) by Saki Khatana (Drama) Actor Carlos is fresh home from prison with hopes of becoming a filmmaker. Does he have what it takes to leave behind the streets and his old bad habits, or will he become another statistic?

  • The Familia

    The Familia (2014)
    Television (Action, Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor

  • Graceland

    Graceland (2014)
    Television by Jeff Eastin (Action, Crime and Drama) Actor Somewhere in Southern California, in a drug raid run by the US government, a beachfront property was seized and turned into a residence for undercover cops. They are all top agents of the DEA, FBI, and Customs and they are living in this house unofficially known as "Graceland". "Graceland" is a place full of secrets, and bad, good, and blurred moments too. The only idyllic thing is its outside look, but the lives of its residents are nothing like it. The lies which are in the base of their undercover work, are formed a web of lies that pervades everything. Coming of a new graduating at the top of his class, FBI rookie, Mike Warren (Aaron Tveit), could make the life of a legendary FBI agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) and the others, more complicated or it could reveal the truth. It is based upon actual events. Written by margosanci

  • Gotta Get Mine

    Gotta Get Mine (2014)
    Film Actor

  • Pitbull's New Year's Revolution

    Pitbull's New Year's Revolution (2014)
    TV Movie by Joe DeMaio Miscellaneous Crew

  • Hoke

    Hoke (2014)
    TV Movie by Scott Frank (Crime and Drama) Actor A look at the life and misadventures of homicide detective Hoke Moseley during the 1980s.

  • Pekín Express

    Pekín Express (2013)
    Television (Adventure, Game-Show and Reality-TV) Transportation department

  • Playing Doctor

    Playing Doctor (2013)
    Film by Jazzmyn Banks (Comedy) Actor A modern-day coming-of-age sex comedy of mistaken identity, "Playing Doctor" introduces us to innocent high-school sophomore Heather, a future celebrity relationship author. She and her first boyfriend Bill are teenagers treading the dangerous waters of sexuality in the 21st Century. Innocence meets mid-life crisis in this farcical comedy that poses the question "Can virgins have quality sex without destroying their lives?" Heather discovers that being overly analytical, logical, and a product of a dysfunctional life has prepared her to successfully complicate her own relationships. However, on the flip side, her background and and nature have developed into a gift for helping others with spot-on advice. Written by Anonymous

  • Ecos De Dioses

    Ecos De Dioses (2013)
    Film (short) by Ricardo Perez (Drama) Actor The wickedness of Don Dario that manipulates all the inhabitants of the village where resides, believing himself a God. He kills people, steal land from the peasants, violates women and with great sarcasm and hypocrisy he rubs shoulders with only the upper class in their region. To abide by and comply with the letter the orders of Don Dario, this Ruben, a murderer wicked and arrogant that he did not understand piety. Ana, the protagonist, will travel through the frame fighting for a goal and having to pay expensive for that. Written by Anonymous

  • Burn Notice

    Burn Notice (2013)
    Television by Matt Nix (Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery and 1 More) Actor Michael Westen, a seasoned U.S. spy, is suddenly "burned", i.e. discredited, without any form of procedure. He survives by doing impossible jobs for desperate people in Miami, where his mother lives. Michael is usually aided by his ex-girlfriend Fiona and trusted former FBI informer Sam. Written by KGF Vissers

  • Garbage

    Garbage (2013)
    Film by Phil Volken (Comedy and Drama) Music department, Soundtrack Lenny and Abbott are garbage truck drivers who service the homes of movie stars in Beverly Hills and Hollywood. They deal with the likes of Daryl Hannah, William Baldwin and Ben Stiller on daily basis. During a routine landfill trip, they discover Cuba Gooding Jr.'s Best Supporting Actor Oscar for "Jerry Maguire (1996)". As they trace their steps back to Cuba's house, wondering how the Oscar got in the trash, the news breaks out in the media and they become overnight celebrities. As they get sucked into the Hollywood scene and celebrity world, Lenny starts to dream big and loses it completely when he sees his dreams go up in smoke, while jeopardizing his friendship with Abbott, their jobs and their lives. Written by Phil

  • Caso Cerrado con la Dra. Ana Maria Polo

    Caso Cerrado con la Dra. Ana Maria Polo (2012)
    Television (Talk-Show) Actor It's about how supposedly a judge makes her decision with different cases.

  • A Fool's Love

    A Fool's Love (2011)
    Film by Shindo Ki Rodriguez (Action, Drama and Romance) Actor Jose tries to save Belinda from her boyfriend, Tony who is the leader of his own gang. Realizing that the woman is pregnant from Tony, Jose has no other choice but to fight his way through everyone and everything (Including his love for the woman) and make sure that the woman is safe. Can one man and his love be able to conquer his enemies of hate or will he drop his guard down and fall into the hands of loss. Written by Shindo - Ki Rodriguez

  • Hunting Shadows

    Hunting Shadows (2011)
    Film (short) by Edwin Decena (Crime and Drama) Actor Hunting shadows is a two part short film about the impetus in all of us to seek our own destruction by way of engaging in ultimately futile endeavors.

  • Lights Out

    Lights Out (2011)
    Television by Justin Zackham (Drama) Actor, Actor A former heavyweight boxing champion struggles to find his identity after retiring from the ring.

  • Lavoe

    Lavoe (2011)
    Film by Anthony Felton (Drama and Music) Actor, Miscellaneous Crew, Sound department Based on the life story of the great salsa singer Hector Lavoe from Ponce Puerto.

  • HGTV Design Star

    HGTV Design Star (2010)
    Television (Reality-TV) Transportation department Ten aspiring designers seek to impress home viewers and an expert judging panel with their design expertise, ingenuity, creativity and "it" factor during the reality competition, HGTV Design Star.

  • Those Raw People

    Those Raw People (2010)
    Film (short) by Gabriel de Varona (Comedy and Thriller) Actor Cowardly painter Jade has a rough night ahead of her. She'll have to deal with her snooty critics, her dogmatic lesbian friend who is trying to reorient her, and a knife wielding meth addict sent to kill her drug dealer boyfriend.

  • Writer's Block

    Writer's Block (2010)
    Film by Jazzmyn Banks (Comedy) Actor Writer's Block is a full length comedy about two people pursuing the right relationship for all the wrong reasons. Heather Kurtman, relationship expert and bestselling author, has a complicated life. Richard, her soon to be ex-husband and publisher, holds her contract but Jake, her editor, holds her heart. Jake may feel the same, but he has complications of his own. Caught between his feelings for Heather, a failing family business, and scheming friend Fred: Can Jake stay true to his heart and his principles? Written by Rae Gerold-Smith and Jazzmyn Banks

  • Apartment 2A

    Apartment 2A (2009)
    Film (short) by Philip Andrews (Drama) Actor When money gets low and debts pile up, Mike and Lisa try to find a solution that doesn't involve Mike stepping back towards his criminal past, and them breaking apart.

  • The Last Days of Frank Whyte

    The Last Days of Frank Whyte (2009)
    Film (short) by Brian Jude (Drama) Actor, Sound department Frank Whyte thinks he's on top of his game. He's operating a successful drug dealing business with his mentor Boogie, and he has the admiration of a young runner, Donny. Little does he realize a competitor, Julio is moving in on the market. Written by Anonymous

  • Cositas sucias

    Cositas sucias (2009)
    Film (short) by Greg Haberny (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Actor Santo and Pal left South America in search of the American dream. They were smuggled into Mexico on a "bluff truck". Both took a job in a scrap metal plant in Escobedo, Mexico where they managed to save a bit of money in hopes of making their way into the United States. In Escobedo, there was a figure known as "The Ghost". He was the go to source for those who wished to cross the border. However, there was a price to pay. He was known to be ruthless and would often allow people to give him a down payment to get into America, with a promise to send the remainder, plus interest. Santo and Pal desperately wanted a way into America and sought out "The Ghost". They had enough for a down payment and figured that once in America, they'd get well paying jobs. Smuggled in an airplane parts truck and dumped off at a truck stop near Houston, they hitchhiked and jumped trains eventually making it to the northeast. The film begins in a rundown apartment in Bridgeport, CT where Santo and Pal are ... Written by Anonymous

  • Chasing the Green

    Chasing the Green (2009)
    Film by Russ Emanuel (Drama, Romance and Sport) Actor Inspired by a true story, "Chasing the Green" tells the story of two young brothers who become millionaires during the early 1990s. Their ambition and drive lead them into conflict with FTC officials, where an over-zealous bureaucrat attempts to destroy their company. The older brother, tries to reconcile the current crisis with conflicts in his own relationships, primarily with his current girlfriend. Written by anon

  • Engaging

    Engaging (2009)
    Film by Angelique Monet (Action, Drama and Romance) Actor, Stunts, Producer, Casting director, Thanks Daniel Dalrio is a Cuban born author. Engaging women as subjects for his books. He meets Aja who confronts his everything. He falls in love, she breaks his heart; he quits engaging women. She now engages men; writing a best-seller about Daniel. Written by Chiko Mendez 2009

  • Watching the Detectives

    Watching the Detectives (2008)
    Television (Crime) Actor NYPD detectives recount their most stirring experiences on the beat. Stylized dramatizations enhance their stories providing the American public with their first exposure to these provocative and rousing tales of crime.

  • The Prey

    The Prey (2008)
    Film by Franklin Correa (Action and Thriller) Actor, Stunts, Producer When Louie,(played by Chiko Mendez)a drunk who's life revolves around placing bets on various games wounds up having to pay Lefty(played by Donald Charles)the local bookie a great deal of money...a deal is made. Louie agrees to take a few of Lefty's white collar friends hunting agreeing to track down deer for them to hunt, but not knowing what to do he ask's for the help of his best friend Steven(played by Franklin Correa)to come along and they will split the money given down the middle, But things take a turn for the worse when they realize there is no sign of animal life in the wooded area and realize that they are the real hunt and must do whatever it takes to stay alive. Written by Franklin Correa

  • 10,000 A.D.: The Legend of a Black Pearl

    10,000 A.D.: The Legend of a Black Pearl (2008)
    Video by Giovanni Messner (Adventure and Sci-Fi) Actor, Stunts Far into the future after the world has brought about the apocalypse what remains of humanity has split into two warring tribes - the Plaebian and the Huron. Human kind's ambitions are not wealth or prosperity, but merely survival. The Huron tribe have reverted to the Hunter/Gatherer methods of our forefathers becoming great warriors with no regard to the future. Whereas the Plaebians are trying to rebuild society and tame the wilderness that surrounds mankind when a new, unforeseen evil starts to kill them both. This unspeakable evil - the Sinasu. Now both tribes must work together or finally face humanity's extinction. Written by Randolph Kret

  • Chicken Pox

    Chicken Pox (2008)
    Film by Andrew H. Shirley (Thriller) Actor, Music department

  • Snitch

    Snitch (2008)
    Film (short) by Eric Richardson-Hagans (Crime) Actor, Stunts

  • Paraiso Travel

    Paraiso Travel (2008)
    Film by Simon Brand (Drama) Actor A young seductive woman named Reina, living in Medellin, Colombia, becomes infatuated with finding fortune in New York City. A young man named Marlon desperately falls in love with this rebellious teen. Entangled in her web of fantasies, Marlon has no other choice but to blindly follow her imposing lead. Driven by their will to reach their dreamland, the two embark on the brutal exodus of the Latin-American immigrants who cross illegally through Mexico. This adventure in narrated by Marlon on his voyage to find his love, his heroine, his Reina. The couple got separated upon arrival in New York and Marlon fueled only by the power of love has been through hell and back trying to find her. This is his story. Written by Anonymous

  • Pirate Dog

    Pirate Dog (2008)
    Video by Jonathan Sykes (Family) Actor

  • Dutifrí

    Dutifrí (2007)
    Television (Documentary and Reality-TV) Transportation department, Self

  • Storage Unit # 57

    Storage Unit # 57 (2007)
    Film (short) by Aldo Romero (Thriller) Actor, Stunts Izzy, a worker at a storage facility, frustrated by the separation with his wife and the monotony of his job, Izzy begins to see ghostly apparitions in a storage locker labeled storage unit #57. When a mysterious character named Reed hires him to deliver packages for him, Izzy discovers that there is a connection between Reed and nightmarish supernatural apparitions of the possible future death of a woman he has not yet met. Written by Aldo Romero

  • The Killing Machines

    The Killing Machines (2007)
    Film by Zman (Thriller) Actor When a Gulf War hero loses his wife to a gunman. He becomes a killer for hire by the mob. During his years of mourning he trains his two girls (9 and 10 years old) to follow in his violent footsteps. When their dad is setup by the mob for murder, the girls with the help of their retired assassin uncle, have to finish the mob's dirty work to get their dad home. Written by ZMan

  • Shut Up and Do It!

    Shut Up and Do It! (2007)
    Film by Bruno Irizarry (Comedy) Music department Michael is fed up with the portrayal of Latinos in film and TV. With his passion for acting and self respect hanging in the balance, he decides to take destiny into his own hands by making a movie. Michael's dream soon becomes a nightmare as he encounters the trials of independent film making: dwindling budgets, actors' egos, and jealous boyfriends. Michael's comic and emotional journey leads him to realize that there just might be more to his dreams than making a movie. Written by Anonymous

  • Clear

    Clear (2007)
    Film by Eddie Lebron (Drama and Sci-Fi) Miscellaneous Crew, Special effects In the year 2027 in the fictional city/state of Alpha City, Damon Yu, a brilliant loner, has finally reached the edge. With the conviction that people and modern society has reached a level of corruption and injustice that would destroy future generations, Damon has decided to take it upon himself to teach society a lesson. Written by Eddie Lebron

  • Over the GW

    Over the GW (2007)
    Film by Nick Gaglia (Drama) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director, Camera and Electrical Department A cult-like rehabilitation center abuses, brainwashes and imprisons vulnerable teens.

  • The Sopranos

    The Sopranos (2007)
    Television by David Chase (Crime and Drama) Actor An innovative look at the life of fictional Mafia Capo Tony Soprano, this serial is presented largely first person, but additional perspective is conveyed by the intimate conversations Tony has with his psychotherapist. We see Tony at work, at home, and in therapy. Moments of black comedy intersperse this aggressive, adult drama, with adult language, and extreme violence. Written by David Fowler

  • The World's Astonishing News!

    The World's Astonishing News! (2004 - 2007)
    Television (Crime and Drama) Actor, Stunts Popular Japanese Television series, chronicling unusual or outrageous stories from around the world, most notably the United States. Many episodes deal with infamous crimes, but there are also stories about interesting individuals, notorious moments in history, tales of heroism during disasters and notable unsolved mysteries. The episodes are filmed in Japan and the United States. Written by H_Nakamura

  • Jose's Place

    Jose's Place (2006)
    Video by John Bacchus (Comedy) Actor, Music department, Composer This screwball comedy is about a family-owned furniture store in a Bronx working-class neighborhood and the wacky family that runs it. Caught with his mistress, Hector is chased down the street into an army recruiting center by his frantically religious wife. He foolishly decides to join the Army rather than face his furious wife. In his desperate attempt to escape responsibility, Hector also abandons his furniture store business. Jose's uncle Hector gives him and his goofy cousin Raul the right to manage his business while he is away. Jose discovers his uncle's nasty landlord has plans to convert the store into a disco nightclub. Now Jose and Raul have until the end of the month to transform from bumbling clowns into successful businessmen and save their uncle's store from demolition. Will Hector survive the army? If he does, will he still have a wife and business when he returns home? Or, will Jose and Raul learn to disco dance? Written by Maverick Entertainment

  • Nightmare

    Nightmare (2006)
    Film (short) by Scott Goldberg (Horror) Actor A young girl falls asleep and has the most horrific dream of her life... One that may very well lead to her death.

  • El cantante

    El cantante (2006)
    Film by Leon Ichaso (Biography, Drama and Music) Actor The rise and fall of salsa singer, Héctor Lavoe (1946-1993), as told from the perspective of his wife Puchi, who looks back from 2002. In the early 1960s, Héctor arrives in New York from Ponce, Puerto Rico. Success comes quickly. "The more he grew as an artist," Puchi says, "the more he sank as a person." It's a tale of talent - creating salsa with Willie Colón, with the Fania All Stars, and as a soloist - and a story of disintegration - fueled by drugs, alcohol, partying, and depression. Puchi's voice - proud and querulous - dominates off-stage as Héctor's does on. Written by <>

  • Diamondz n da Ruff

    Diamondz n da Ruff (2006)
    Film (short) by Dwayne Coles (Drama) Actor, Stunts Florida born Bianca Herandez travels to New York City with hopes of becoming an actress after the death of her last surviving family member, her mother. But being naive to the mean streets of NYC can be deadly. Diamondz N Da Ruff is packed with action, drama, suspense, and romance. Hernandez gets a crash course in street hustling and deception as she struggles on her path to her dream. Hernandez soon discovers that dreams and can quickly turn into nightmares. She'll see all that glitters isn't gold. Written by Robert Artis

  • Forrest Creek

    Forrest Creek (2006)
    Video by Mike M. Burke (Drama and Mystery) Actor Ten years ago everything seemed great for Dale, he had a beautiful wife, lived in a great town, and found out he was going to be a father, then tragic struck and his whole world changed. The town was not so nice as they accused him of a crime he did not commit and his wife was gone forever. It took ten years but finally he was able to move on with his life and that is when he met Danielle. They fell madly in love with each other and were happier than any couple could ever be. It would not last as tragedy would destroy Dale's life once again. One night after an argument with Danielle, Dale leaves her alone by the river. Danielle would never be seen again. Now fingers are pointing at Dale and the police are baffled by the mysterious disappearance which have left no clues. Dale goes into a deep depression as he tries to figure out what could have happened, where did she go, and why. His only friend, there to be by his side, is his long time friend Tracy. Tracy thinks Dale is slowly ... Written by MC Ray

  • Nosferatu's Crush

    Nosferatu's Crush (2006)
    Video by Mike M. Burke (Comedy and Horror) Actor Vladimir Dracula III is a relative to the original Dracula of Transylvania. He lives in the US in the 21 century and has a big problem. First of all he is bald, has pointy elf like ears, fangs, he is very pale, hunched over, and can not get a woman to save his life! Secondly people are being attacked and killed by vampires and the police think he is doing it only because of who he is related to. They have no evidence but continue to harass him. So Vlad decides to get a lawyer. That is when Rebekah arrives to represent him and she take Vlad's heart. He falls madly in love with her, but with everything else in his life, another problem appears. Tony, her obnoxious, idiot boyfriend! Not only is he disrespectful to Rebekah, he wastes no time making fun of Vlad's appearance. Vlad is not the only vampire in town. He lives with three beautiful vampire women who find victims for him. He doesn't like to attack any more so they do it for him. They don't kill though. Someone else is doing that. ... Written by M.C. Ray

  • The Story of Juan Bago

    The Story of Juan Bago (2006)
    Film by Christopher Delgado (Comedy) Actor, Music department, Miscellaneous Crew, Writer, Costume and Wardrobe Department A hilarious tale of a loser; named Juan Bago. He's an underachiever in his mid twenty's; lives with his parents and doesn't bathe very often. Until the day he sees the girl of his dreams while on a train on his way to work. Thinking that she would never speak with him; he decides to change his life in three days with comical consequences. Written by Anonymous

  • Little Fugitive

    Little Fugitive (2006)
    Film by Joanna Lipper (Drama) Actor Set in present day Brooklyn, this film is a remake of the 1953 classic, "Little Fugitive." With his father in jail and his mother working long hours at a nursing home, Lenny, age 11, is burdened with the responsibility of looking after his younger brother, Joey, age 7. Lenny plays a practical joke on his little brother. When the joke goes too far, Joey runs away to Coney Island. Written by Anonymous

  • All I Want for Christmas

    All I Want for Christmas (2006)
    Film (short) by Scott Goldberg (Comedy and Horror) Actor A demented rapist, Santa Cruz spends the holiday's with his "daughter" Isabelle.

  • The Day They Came Back

    The Day They Came Back (2006)
    Film (short) by Scott Goldberg (Horror) Actor, Stunts, Producer, Sound department, Writer, Special effects, Makeup Department Four kids wake up on Halloween and find themselves in the midst of a zombie invasion. The plague can be traced back to a long-abandoned military compound where a Special Ops sergeant (Mendez) has led a mission to avenge the death of his father. Written by Michael Gingold

  • Invisible

    Invisible (2006)
    Film (short) by David Khachatorian (Drama) Actor A New York convenience store clerk works on New Year's Eve over the course of three consecutive years.

  • Damon

    Damon (2006)
    Film by Eric Richardson-Hagans (Mystery and Thriller) Actor, Stunts, Sound department An inner-city supernatural murder mystery.

  • Aba's Dance

    Aba's Dance (2006)
    Video by Ralph Johnson (Drama) Actor, Music department, Sound department Aba arrives in New York City to discover that her only relative living in America has been incarcerated. Faced with the uncertainty of having nowhere to live, she is befriended by one of her countrymen, who introduces her to a friend, Rita, who has a room to rent. Through living together, Aba and Rita discover that they share similar aspirations. They learn that their mutual plight is a search for the American dream. Written by Echelon Studios

  • Fan Boys

    Fan Boys (2005)
    Film Actor

  • Porcelain Dolls

    Porcelain Dolls (2005)
    TV Movie by Pamela Martin (Drama) Actor Bridget Connelly takes over her deceased father's paper and handles relationships with her family, boyfriend and others in the fictional town of Angelwing.

  • Nocturnia

    Nocturnia (2005)
    Film by Erix Antoine (Drama) Actor A timid young man slowly descends into a pit of madness and sucks all his friends in with him. What starts as a meditative observation on adolescent turmoil slowly morphs into the disturbing exploration of a diseased mind. Michael Daly - a freshman in college who has lived in this town all his life. The story deals with his egocentric self-absorption and the obsessive feelings of presumed love that he has for a young girl named Charlotte True. A college graduate (Thom Mc Mahon) acts like a surrogate older brother to Michael and is still hard at work on his thesis. He represents all that Michael wants to become. He has many friends, a seemingly perfect girlfriend and a well rounded life. The irony being that Thom actually has more problems and is the cause of more turmoil than Michael wants to believe. Michael's best friend Remy Chappelle is a down-to-earth young man whose main interests are video games and anime. He's always there to give Michael a shoulder to lean on, even at the ... Written by Erik Antoine

  • Game 6

    Game 6 (2005)
    Film by Michael Hoffman (Comedy, Drama and Sport) Actor Nicky Rogan's new play is opening on Broadway and many agree, he has written the best play his career. Or has he? Critic Steven Schwimmer is slated to review and he's ruined many a playwright with his scathing words. Nicky is becoming concerned, but instead chooses to obsess over his Red Sox and their chances again the Mets in Game 6 of the 1986 World Series. Will the Sox and his play come crashing down on the same night? Written by Martin Lewison <>

  • Saturday Night Live

    Saturday Night Live (2004 - 2005)
    Television by Lorne Michaels (Comedy and Music) Actor A late-night comedy show featuring several short skits, parodies of television commercials, a live guest band, and a pop-cultural guest host each week. Many of the SNL players have spun off successful independent comedy and/or movie careers from here. Written by Tad Dibbern <>

  • ¡Capicu!

    ¡Capicu! (2004)
    Film (short) by Lise Ramos Actor, Music department, Miscellaneous Crew, Producer, Writer

  • The Amazing Floydini

    The Amazing Floydini (2004)
    Film by Brent Sterling Nemetz (Drama and Comedy) Actor Floyd has never won Lotto. Nor has he won at OTB. He's a middle-aged flunk floundering from temp jobs to performing magic tricks in the street to earn a buck. His life consists of his therapist, his nursing home bound mother and B.S. sessions with other late bloomers. But on the day before his 40th birthday, he decides to take charge of his life and pursue his first career as a magician. He soon realizes, however, that due to his allergic reaction to rabbits and ineptitude for children, his future in birthday party magic seemed quite ephemeral. Upon meeting Lulu, another life wanderer, Floyd steps up his act for adults and decides to supplement his income by incorporating a wallet disappearing trick into the act with her as his assistant. First he picks one. Then two. Then a hundred. Lulu perfects the art of distraction while Floyd perfects his sleight of hand. Their success becomes so great, the magic career quickly wanes to pursue full time crime. Ultimately, when Floyd refuses to ... Written by Brent Sterling Nemetz

  • Junkyard Wars

    Junkyard Wars (2004)
    Television (Game-Show) Actor

  • PDA Massacre

    PDA Massacre (2004)
    Film (short) by Jamie Greco (Comedy and Horror) Actor

  • My Valentine

    My Valentine (2004)
    Film (short) by Scott Goldberg (Horror) Second Unit Director or Assistant Director

  • The Apprentice

    The Apprentice
    TV Series Transportation department


  • Sacro Imperio Award "Actor of the Year 2014"


  • CUNY Queensborough Community College

  • HB Studios, New York, NY)

  • Manhattan Technical Institute (New York, NY)

  • Bellas Artes (Santo Domingo,DR)

  • OW Scuba Certified (Adventure Scuba)

  • Microsoft DOS

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