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About David

Award-winning screenwriter and author of dozens of titles in science fiction, fantasy and adventure. David's work has been praised by literary professors and by PhDs in science, by fans and by book reviewers around the world. His miniseries screenplay adaptation of his popular novel "The Shylmahn Migration" won the Pacific Northwest Screenwriting Competition in 2007.

David lives in Washington State. When not writing, he can usually be found on any one of a dozen northwest mountains.



  • Planet of Stones

    Planet of Stones Sci-fi Connelly is sent 100,000 years into the past to study the tribes of two recently discovered humanoid species. Two years in, his mission is not what he thought it was and the future no longer exists.

  • Cemetery Shadows

    Cemetery Shadows Budget: $0 - $100K | Fantasy Independent A tiny cemetery is home to four disparate spirits. Their eternal existence is disrupted when a new arrival appears at the gate and no one is quite sure what tomorrow will bring.

  • The Black Tower

    The Black Tower Sci-fi An eleven hour, eleven episode television miniseries.A team of scientists travels the eighty floors of a strange black tower, where each floor is an alternate world fraught with danger, striving to reach the top floor and the dark force behind the creation of the looming monolith.  

  • Sisters in Space

    Sisters in Space Budget: $0 - $100K | Sci-fi webseries / miniseries (seven 20 minute episodes)Claire and Amelia wake from cryo aboard a small escape shuttle, find themselves adrift eighty years in deep space. This is the story of their journey home.

  • Reunions

    Reunions Budget: $0 - $100K | Independent Horror Short script (less than 15 minutes), adapted from a short story published in Necrology Magazine, Tales of the Macabre; appearing later in several collections (including Yesterday’s Shadows by David R. Beshears). Four elderly friends, withered and gray with age, get together at a lonely community hall after fifty years apart; something they do every fifty years...

  • Yesterday's Shadows

    Yesterday's Shadows Budget: $0 - $100K | Sci-fi A man traveling the empty landscape of world’s end seeks refuge for the night in an abandoned house in a middle-class neighborhood, and comes face-to-face with his solitude.

  • Room 4A

    Room 4A Budget: $0 - $100K | Independent Sci-fi Six people from very different backgrounds are being held prisoner in a large, dark cell, a single circle of light in the center of the room. Most have come to accept their fate… Paul slowly comes to realize that something is very, very wrong. Heavy TZ influence.

  • The Light in the Mist

    The Light in the Mist Budget: $100K - $1M | Fantasy In the age of the Demon Lord, goblins and fairies, a family must face the arrival of the Darkness to their idyllic valley, home of Waterfall of the Fairies. Little Sarah may be their only hope.

  • The Christmas Cave

    The Christmas Cave Drama Family Fantasy Other Thirteen year old Jack and his sister Amanda go in search of a mythical cavern their grandmother went looking for fifty years earlier… when her brother Bill was lost, never to be seen again.

  • The Shylmahn Migration

    The Shylmahn Migration Adventure Drama Sci-fi Six hour epic miniseries. Brings gritty realism to the nightmare of an overwhelming invasion of Earth. This is not 'slam-bam-welcome-to-earth' stuff. Smart, sharp, intelligent science fiction. This could happen. Winner of the Pacific Northwest Screenwriting competition for best tv movie / miniseries screenplay

  • Ravenhill Court

    Ravenhill Court Family Sci-fi The year is 1964. Four teenagers explore the mysteries surrounding the isolated California neighborhood in which they live, with each discovery bringing them closer to uncovering the unbelievable secret underlying Ravenhill Court. Realistic characters, a true mystery, ethereal atmosphere, and an incredible yet convincing science fiction backdrop.

  • KHDZ

    KHDZ Drama Fantasy Other Dark Satire... John Smith is the first person ever sent downstairs due to a mix-up in the paperwork. While this is sorted out, he is assigned to work at Hades’ local television station, where he must deal with strange characters and stranger programming. All the more bizarre, he arrived just in time for Founder’s Day...

  • Broken Sky

    Broken Sky Drama Independent Sci-fi Strangers band together for survival in a barren landscape amongst a handful of broken down buildings. But when supplies grow scarce, they must strike out into the alien wilderness in search of food... and a way home. A small cast, a few sets, a CG sky and a few sfx brought together to create a science fiction mystery with an ethereal, other-worldly atmosphere.

  • The Caravan

    The Caravan Adventure Horror Independent A band of marauders unexpectedly finds itself on the receiving end when it attacks a nomadic caravan and discovers the intended victims are not at all as they appear. A suspenseful, quality low-budget horror movie that doesn't look or feel low-budget.

  • Serpent's Keep

    Serpent's Keep Adventure Fantasy Sci-fi two part, four hour miniseries... “I bequeath to my nephew all that I own, all that I dream, and all that I am, in the hope that my life’s quest will become his quest”. Those few cryptic words send Jake into a world that couldn’t possibly exist. Traveling the Gateways, he will befriend the eternal Guardians and stand against an ancient enemy.

  • Shipwreck on ShadowWorld

    Shipwreck on ShadowWorld Adventure Sci-fi Thirteen year old Jim survives a fiery crash landing on the desert plains of ShadowWorld, only to find himself having to contend with bizarre aliens, mystifying cultures, and an unforgiving planet in his quest for rescue. First in a series of adventures following Jim, future Prince of the Frontier Worlds.

  • The Storekeeper

    The Storekeeper Independent An old, weathered general store sits alone on a long-forgotten highway. Strangers gather, arriving from very different pasts; none know how they got there or where they are going. Anthology series. Very ethereal, almost mystic Twilight Zone. \


  • Pacific Northwest Screenwriting Award - best tv movie / miniseries

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