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Doug Mazell

Great Art Studios
Cinematographer, Screenwriter, Producer and Director

Venice Beach, Los Angeles County, California

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  • Space Command

    Space Command (2016)
    Film by Marc Scott Zicree (Sci-Fi) Camera and Electrical Department Jack Kemmer rescues ex-archeologist Vonn O'Dara high above Mars, setting into motion a revolution that changes galactic history.

  • Bikini Model Academy

    Bikini Model Academy (2015)
    Film by Straw Weisman (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department When T. J. and Benji, two California twenty-something best buddies, lose their girlfriends, they start a home grown bikini modeling academy to make money and meet new girls. With a little help from T.J.'s Uncle Seymour (Gary Busey), the guys begin recruiting pretty girls, until a rival modeling school owned by their old grade school enemy tries to shut them down. Written by joshishivansh

  • Hell's Kitty

    Hell's Kitty (2015)
    Television by Nicholas Tana (Comedy and Horror) Camera and Electrical Department, Cinematographer "Hell's Kitty" is a comedy horror web series based on true-life events about Nick, a Hollywood writer, whose love life is jeopardized by his hellacious cat named Angel. Nick's best friend and neighbor, Adam, (movie extra and slacker) is convinced that Angel is possessed. But Nick adores his cat, and defends her despite all the obvious ominous warnings. There are other problems besides Nick's possessed pussy. Nick never gets any sleep because the downstairs neighbor, a nameless recluse and horror movie make up artist, stays up all night making strange noises, and leaving traces of blood in the hallway. Worse, Angel scratched his neighbor, Lisa, a girl Nick once dated, and Lisa is threatening to sue. But as strange supernatural events take place, and people start disappearing, Nick must do something to prevent further catastrophes before his life becomes a living hell. Written by Denise Acosta

  • Happy Ending

    Happy Ending (2015)
    Film by Phil Condit (Comedy, Horror and Sci-Fi) Cinematographer An alien predator invades a remote, desert bordello forcing the working girls and their Johns to fight for their lives - and humanity's survival.

  • Shangri-La Suite

    Shangri-La Suite (2015)
    Film by Eddie O'Keefe (Crime, Drama and Romance) Camera and Electrical Department Two young, damaged lovers head to Los Angeles to kill the King of Rock n Roll in the summer of 1974.

  • A Chronicle of Tahrir Square

    A Chronicle of Tahrir Square (2014)
    Film (short) by Nour Zaki (Action, Drama and History) Camera and Electrical Department During the climax of the 2011 Egyptian revolution, a young Egyptian girl must go through the violent square to save her father.

  • Little Saigon

    Little Saigon (2014)
    Film by Sean Delgado (Comedy, Crime and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department, Cinematographer When a cheesy Little Saigon Real Estate salesman attempts to lure new customers by networking at funerals of complete strangers, his life soon begins to spin out of control. He gets sucked into a strange, dangerous world and must decide to stay and fight or withdraw from Little Saigon. Written by Anonymous

  • Lady Windermere's Fan

    Lady Windermere's Fan (2014)
    Film by Kathryn Inda (Drama) Cinematographer Lady Windermere, discovers that her husband may be having an affair with another woman. She confronts her husband but he instead invites the other woman, Mrs Erlynne, to his wife's birthday party. Angered by her husband's unfaithfulness, Lady Windermere leaves her husband for another lover. After discovering what has transpired, Mrs Erlynne follows Lady Windermere and attempts to persuade her to return to her husband and in the course of this, Mrs Erlynne is discovered in a compromising position. It is then revealed Mrs Erlynne is Lady Windermere's mother, who abandoned her family twenty years before. Mrs Erlynne sacrifices herself and her reputation to save her daughter's marriage. Written by Jesse Dinkel

  • Before It's Too Late

    Before It's Too Late (2013)
    Film (short) by Steve A. Hartman (Drama and Family) Camera and Electrical Department As people get older there comes a time when their driving skills deteriorate to the point of being unsafe and they must make one of the most difficult decisions in their lives; to give up their car keys.

  • The Nice Guy

    The Nice Guy (2013)
    Film by Tony Aaron II (Comedy and Drama) Camera and Electrical Department The relationship between a young man and his girlfriend changes after she is violently assaulted in front of him and he is unable to do anything to stop it.

  • DreamLand

    DreamLand (2013)
    Film (short) by Michael P. Blevins (Music) Camera and Electrical Department

  • Cleaver Family Reunion

    Cleaver Family Reunion (2013)
    Film by H.M. Coakley (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department In this African-American comedy, a delightfully dysfunctional family settles their differences after a series of hilarious misadventures surrounding a family reunion.

  • The Visitor from Planet Omicron

    The Visitor from Planet Omicron (2013)
    Film by Mike Donahue (Comedy, Family and Sci-Fi) Cinematographer An alien comes to earth with a botanical virus plot. He's not a bad guy, he's just in it for the paycheck. But a shut-in Arizona widow wins him over with her garden-fresh produce, protects him like a foster mother, and even flies to Omicron to overthrow his scheming government. Not bad for a retired widow from Phoenix. Written by Anonymous

  • A Broken Code

    A Broken Code (2012)
    Video by Michael Girgenti (Crime, Drama and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department Two brothers Carmelo and Gino (Girgenti and Webber) are raised by their mob boss grandfather Salvatore Gianni (Williams). Through a series of events Salvatore is killed and the boys then go on a journey to find the killers. No one is ruled out as a suspect, including one of the brothers. How will the truth unfold? Written by S.L

  • Home from War

    Home from War (2012)
    Film (short) by Jonathan Dillon (Drama, Family and War) Cinematographer, Producer Two wounded female Marines return from Afghanistan, and meet in the Army Hospital in Landstuhl, Germany, on their way home. They must now face a battle they were not trained to fight.

  • Shi

    Shi (2012)
    Film by Everett Kelsey (Crime, Romance and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department, Miscellaneous Crew Haunted by a painful event in the past, developer, Trevor Harris finds himself searching for a vehicle to bring him peace. At first glance, one would think he has his addictions, and successful life in check. His lifestyle, and lovely caring wife are evidence of this. But something brews behind Trevor's eyes, corrosively attacking his psyche after a chance encounter with a seductive Asian lady named, Shi. Tantalized by her beauty and freedom she brings behind closed doors, Trevor loses control of his life, as his demons return. 'But did Trevor ever really have his life under control?' we ask, after learning, in the balance between what is beyond our understanding, and what is earthly.... Trevor's life was never what it seemed to have been. Written by Anonymous

  • Rise of the Zombies

    Rise of the Zombies (2012)
    TV Movie by Nick Lyon (Action, Horror and Thriller) Camera and Electrical Department During a zombie apocalypse ,a group of survivors hide on Alcatraz Island to escape from rising zombie hordes. When their refuge is overrun, and upon hearing that a scientist may have discovered a cure, they leave the island to seek him out. Written by G.N.

  • The Haunting of Whaley House

    The Haunting of Whaley House (2012)
    Film by Jose Prendes (Horror) Camera and Electrical Department When a tour guide breaks into America's Most Haunted House, a bit of amateur ghost hunting with friends turns into more than they could have ever imagined.

  • Bikini Spring Break

    Bikini Spring Break (2012)
    Video by Jared Cohn (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department A group of coeds from a small conservative college break out of their shells when their marching band bus breaks down in Ft. Lauderdale during Spring Break.

  • The Last Great Romantic Comedy

    The Last Great Romantic Comedy (2012)
    Film (short) by Gustavo Sampaio (Comedy, Fantasy and Romance) Cinematographer Lost characters in a dimension where they were created and abandoned by their 'authors' must find a way to continue their stories and live their own lives.

  • RE/MAX Fine Homes

    RE/MAX Fine Homes (2012)
    Television (News) Cinematographer

  • Be Inspired

    Be Inspired (2012)
    Television (News) Editor

  • Septenary Kill

    Septenary Kill (2011)
    Film (short) by Gustavo Sampaio (Drama, Horror and Thriller) Cinematographer A young woman and her friends stumble upon a gruesome scene in her home when she finds her murdered mother and is suddenly confronted by her father, in an altered psychotic state, possessed by a malevolent spirit, that has terrorized this town for decades. Written by Anonymous

  • Septenary Kill Trailer

    Septenary Kill Trailer (2011)
    Film (short) by Gustavo Sampaio (Horror) Cinematographer

  • The Callback Machine

    The Callback Machine (2011)
    Film (short) by Gunnar Weber-Prada (Sci-Fi) Cinematographer A sci-fi drama comedy about a couple who tinker with time for personal reasons, which has unexpected consequences.

  • Bottles

    Bottles (2010)
    Film (short) by Jon Stout (Drama, Fantasy and Sci-Fi) Camera and Electrical Department Mira has a dark secret, when she gets angry objects move and people get hurt. One day she discovers disturbing items in her daughter's antique bottle collection and is frightened by her child's budding capabilities. You have to be careful about what you collect. Written by Anonymous

  • Reel Big Fish: Live! In Concert!

    Reel Big Fish: Live! In Concert! (2009)
    Video by Vincent Pileggi (Music) Editor Filmed at the start of the "Fame, Fortune and Fornication Tour" in Anaheim CA on January 4th 2009 in front of a sold out crowd of 2500 rabid ska fans! This full length, concert film proves why RBF have been a must see live experience for over 15 years! Written by Vincent Pileggi

  • Scrapbooks

    Scrapbooks (2008)
    Film (short) by Corey Grant (Drama) Cinematographer The story of a young wife and mother fighting a losing battle with cancer.

  • R&B Chick

    R&B Chick (2008)
    Video by Ruy Valverde (Drama) Cinematographer Up-and-coming R&B singer Sterling travels from Mississippi to Los Angeles in search of her dreams. She soon ends up down and out, sleeping in her car, and taking the first job that comes her way. Her prayers are answered, however, when she meets Nate, a music producer who holds the key to fulfilling her ambitions but not everyone is who they seem. Written by Warning Films Inc.

  • Shadows

    Shadows (2008)
    Film by Joseph Henson (Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi and Thriller) Cinematographer Christopher Dandrige a late 30's teacher that wakes up one morning having lost his memory covered in a pool of blood. Now Chris must prove to the police and his friends that he is not crazy and deal with the the creature he has locked up in his home. Written by Jesse Dinkel

  • Low

    Low (2008)
    Film by Brennan Howard (Drama) Cinematographer December, 1970. A retired heavyweight champion goes into hiding from a mounting gambling debt to the mob. Holed up in a remote California desert motel, he befriends a once-famous jazz crooner, now sidelined by a heroin addiction and bad teeth. Together, the Boxer and Musician embark on a road trip to regain their former glory and start anew in Amsterdam. Written by Brennan Howard

  • Entangled

    Entangled (2007)
    Film (short) by Jakob Bokulich (Drama) Cinematographer Originally entitled Stephanie's Courage, this is a film about a young woman who is trying to escape an abusive relationship. Through the help of her best friend and new boyfriend, Stephanie begins to recognize her self worth. But, as Stephanie tries to move on, she realizes her past won't let her go so easily! Written by Nikki Love

  • Fishy

    Fishy (2006)
    Film (short) by Laurie Epstein (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department

  • Against Type

    Against Type (2006)
    TV Movie by Dave Shelton (Comedy) Camera and Electrical Department JAKE STACKLEY, 30's, is a Beverly Hills fitness trainer who is in worse shape internally than his clients. Seems Jake has an eating disorder, namely an overly abundant love of sweets. A single parent trying to raise his 13 year old daughter, MEGAN, who's life's ambition is to be the next big film star, Jake tends to be the immature one of the two, something that is a constant challenge to Megan, especially when she needs him to be a father figure, not a brother. Written by Anonymous

  • Party

    Party (1994)
    Film (short) by Eric Swelstad (Comedy) Cinematographer A hangman, a prostitute, a thief and a drunk try to make some sense out of the revelation that they are the last four people on earth. When a mysterious figure appears out of the desert claiming to be God, it sets off a chain of events which finally does answer their questions, but not necessarily in the way they had hoped. Written by Anonymous

  • About Love

    About Love (1993)
    TV Movie by Eric Swelstad Cinematographer

  • Stitches

    Stitches (1991)
    Film (short) by Gina Prince-Bythewood Cinematographer

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