Acting : A-Lead Proposal Submission. by Joseph Shellim

Joseph Shellim

A-Lead Proposal Submission.

What's the most appropriate mode of submitting an initial inquiry to a prominent Actor. Is this limited to a professional agent, a direct query to their Talent Agent, or first their manager to have an opinion of the role? Is a Printed Sub replaced by a USB or DVD today? Thanks a Mil. Joseph.

Regina Lee

You most likely don't want to submit an "initial inquiry." They mean nothing substantial. Wait. Then make the best first impression. Don't drag out the process. Get your project ready and then make an official offer later on down the road. Break a leg!!

Joseph Shellim

Who's leg? Lol, I mean, the project is ready, so which is the best source to approach.

Regina Lee

If possible, make an official offer. An offer will get the most attention for your project.

Owen Mowatt

If I'm reading him correctly, Regina, he's asking how he gets his script to Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt etc There is no best nor appropriate way to approach them. At least none that hasn't been tried since whenever.

Joseph Shellim

Ditto owen. These days even TA and Agents cannot be gnteed to score, and the Directors themselves have to check which cafe an actor frequents, as was the case with getting Brad Pitt for Inglourious Basterds.

Regina Lee

Thanks, Owen. I remain confused by the parameters of "scoring" and I'll respectfully bow out on this one. Thanks again.

Michele Seidman

In theory, you get the script to their agent. But few look at 'unsolicited' material (i.e. script that did not come through a legal rep, like an agent or entertainment lawyer). Few want to touch a script that has not come through channels. As far as what format.... they tell you. Some still want hard copy, others will take digital formats...mostly .pdf's

Erik Grossman

As Regina said, offering money (especially a matching quote) is the most direct way to do it. Don't have $10 mill to match Keanu's quote? Then pitch the project to his agency if you can get a hold of them... honestly though, the only scripts that are "written for a specific actor/actress" that make it TO the actor/actress are written by writers/directors who have a cache all their own - you have to be someone that actor/actress wants to work with. If Joe Schmoe writes a script for Antonio Bandonio, no one is going to care. And why should they? Joe Schmoe's never done anything, and anyone could probably play the role he wrote for Antonio (to quote Ari Gold from Entourage: "Hilary Swank has a vagina, but she won an Oscar pretending she has a dick. That's what actors do: they pretend." Now if Tarantino wrote a role for him? That's different... Tarantino has cache. He's got a track record of writing roles perfect for actors, he's a master of voice and cadence and people want to be in his movies.

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