Acting : Actor's Access, LA Casting or Central Casting? by Alan Michael Rice

Alan Michael Rice

Actor's Access, LA Casting or Central Casting?

I've stepped out of the acting game for a couple of years and I'm returning now with no representation. My question is for any Managers, Casting Directors, Agents or Actors who represent themselves: Which online service can procure more professional roles in film and TV (Actor's Access, LA Casting or Central Casting) ? I'm active currently on LA Casting, but I see really no Network roles offered there, and few features.

Zedrick Restauro

It's imperative that you register with Actors Access and LA Casting. When you get a theatrical agent they will primarily be using actors access to get jobs for you. Commercial agents will primarily use LA Casting. As for self submitting to projects, Actors Access is the best for it. The public breakdowns only does independent short films, features, theater productions which you can submit to. However, the network roles WILL NOT be on the public breakdowns. Those casting notices are for agents and managers only, as they have access to an entirely different breakdowns page. Some casting offices especially if they're casting cable, sometimes will post to the public breakdowns to open it up for actors that don't have representation, so that's definitely something to keep an eye out for. Central Casting is solely for extra work. If you want to work as background and make extra cash, they're a good solution for that, but it will NOT advance your acting career.

Alan Michael Rice

Thank you so much for your astute and precise feedback, really. I'm going to re-vamp the Actor's Access page I've left unattended. Thank you thank you.

Suzanne Bronson

Agreed. Exactly what I would have said

Dave McCrea

Actors Access is THE one to be on. there are two levels to it - the level only agents and managers see (Breakdown Express) and actors access, which is the other stuff. actors access is only going to have hard-to-cast roles for network/cable/movies or ULB movies and student films. I just booked a costarring role on major TV show here in New York - that would never have gone to actors access so you need an agent to get anything of a professional level.

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