Acting : British Invasion by Tony Hunter

Tony Hunter

British Invasion

Hi all, I'm looking for some advise. I'm a British actor based in London and I'm looking for as much information on how to go about taking my career across the pond to the states. Do I go on a small trip first to scope it out? LA or New York? What would I need to have in place before I go? Anyone in the same situation who could provide info? Any advise or information would be greatly appreciated! Cheers Tony

Daniel Johnson

Definitely take a trip man. I went to LA last year for 10 days. Learned a lot, met some great people, decided it wasn't for me at all. Don't change your life without first checking it out. If you're going to LA, you need a car. And you kind of need a reason to be there, otherwise it's basically a big wasteland! New York is more like London. It's bustling and there's always lots happening and so many things to be a part of and to be inspired by. For me, my heart is in New York, you may feel different. Anyways feel free to email me if I can help more. Dan

Talia Price

Very good advice Daniel.

Bruno Xavier

No.1 thing to consider - Do you have a visa to work in the states? If not then life will be very difficult for you over here regardless of where you go and what you want to do.

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