Acting : Does your CV look awesome? by Steve James

Steve James

Does your CV look awesome?

I have reached an interesting point in my career, that my Resume is 'full' . By that, I mean that the one page 'glimpse' into what I have done is now about to spill over to page 2, or i will have to shrink the font to 'too small' in order to add credits to it. What's the next step? To replace credits with others as they come up, if they are better? To ignore certain credits as I am doing them, because thy don't look 'as strong' as ones already printed? There is a complete list on my website (See below), but the one-pager is full...something that I didn't think was going to happen. Do I just say that this entire list 'partial'?Any ideas?!steve-james-actor/c1s3e

Ewan Parker-Eaton

You have a tone of credits. I have two resumes-one for film and one for stage. Whatever the audition is for the credits at the top match it. I just move it around. Omitting stuff in the other category with only exceptional standout jobs/directors staying on resume in other category. I take stuff off the resume as I get new credits that are bigger and better. However, I still have projects on the resume from the start of career. It depends on the weight of the role / project. Do you have a website with a link on your resume?

Steve James

Yes, I do, and I have thought of multiple Resumes, too. At present I have a Theatre and a Film/Television where these different fields are traded around as you suggest. I guess I'm thinking ahead, about this time next year when I have another 7 credits (hopefully). I still want to show overall that I can work in different fields performing different types of roles as the most important things. Thanks, Ewan.

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