Acting : First demo reel by Alyssa Vetere

Alyssa Vetere

First demo reel

Hey everyone, I'm trying to put together my first demo reel but don't think I have enough professional material. What is your take on filming a monologue to include in the reel? Most casting notices ask for a demo reel, so I'd really like to put one together.

Richard "RB" Botto

Things have changed so rapidly over the last few years. What was never acceptable before is now the norm. Love to get some actor/casting director perspectives on this question.

Stephen Foster

find a friend with a camera and shoot a little bit of footage. A reel only needs to be 1 minute.

Steve James

You could do a series of 'scenes' instead of one reel. Some Casting Directors prefer scenes, anyway. I do both on my site:

Zedrick Restauro

Something that has become an acceptable practice for those that don't have a reel (or even those that do have them) is filming an audition piece. Say you come across a project that has a similar character to an audition piece you have recorded, you would then include that video clip to your submission in lieu of a demo reel. I have peers who like me, have TV credits and a full demo reel, whose representation submit audition pieces to projects, if they don't yet have a certain type of character in their reel that fits the character in the casting notice. A monologue can be used for an audition piece, and if you're submitting for film and TV, definitely use a film/TV monologue and not theater. If you are submitting a monologue make sure it is similar to the character you are submitting for.

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