Acting : Having trouble finding non-acting work? by Robert Hyacinth

Robert Hyacinth

Having trouble finding non-acting work?

Is it just me, or do us artists find that we are not catered for when it comes to earning money outside of the business? I am finding that the artist, whether it is an actor, musician, writer or director who is looking to find a vocation to help support their craft, are made to choose between their craft and vocation. What I mean by this, is that the organisation that is supplying the (rent paying) job is asking for efforts that would be of somebody who has chosen that job as a career as opposed to a (sideline) job. To be good at some of these jobs, whether it is sales, admin or possibly even bar work, you are required to give it so much dedication that you take your eye off what brought you there in the first place. I would be interested to hear what others think Regards Robert

Tony Fisher

I can understand what you mean, I know some people that have been totally up front with the employer and made it clear that their top priority is their creative career. Some employers understand that and dont have any issues, but as far as others are concerned while your in their employ your expected to give the job 100%.

Wayne Thompson

I find it difficult Robert, especially up here in the North East of England as lets face 90% of auditions and work are based from London which means travelling and lots of it. So for me to get time of work from a regular job is difficult as I need lots of it. As for dedication, if I am honest I go to work, do the job to the best of my ability then leave and forget about it while trying to concentrate back on what I love the most. Not easy I accept. Life unfortunately. Good luck. We have to stay positive :)

Robert Hyacinth

I agree we do need to stay positive

Richard Gustason

It is difficult for us. Because, as you said, we are made to choose between spending time to perfect our craft and making money to pay the cable bill. I do see the side of the employer at times because they want an employee to be at their beckon call (hope that was typed right) and that takes away from working on our craft that hopefully one day will make us a good income. But then again the employer really doesn't understand your point of view because all they care about is making the bosses above them happy, which leads to us being frustrated. And, in my case, living in Colorado Springs, they give you weird looks even though they seem impressed because they want what was said. However, when I lived in Los Angeles EVERY employer understood my case and were very considerate to my needs if I had to meet someone about my script or had to take time off to do background work on a show. So really it depends on where you live and how employers see you If this doesn't come across right, please keep in mind I am working on one cup of coffee so far. LOL

Jody Ellis

Well the people paying you probably expect you to work, not hang out until something better comes along. That being said, there are plenty of part time jobs that can be conducive to pursuing ones dreams. That's why there are so many servers/actors in LA, lol.

William Joseph Hill

For years I used to do temp work here in L.A. Since the employers weren't paying benefits and I was being hired through the temp agency, if they had a problem with me having to leave for auditions and whatnot, they could always replace me. But since I always made sure to do my job well, that almost never happened, unless I had a high-maintenance boss, and in those cases, I was happy to move on. Ideally if you can get an entertainment industry-related job, then employers are usually more understanding as most folks in entertainment do multiple jobs anyway. Now I do post production payroll accounting on some pretty high profile projects. Everyone knows I'm an actor, but I also have that skill as well. You just have to keep plugging away & stay positive.

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