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Samantha And Casilda

Headshot tips?

We are going to be taking our new headshots in a short while with our new agency , most actors/actresses on stage32 seem to have a great headshot! But whats your secret to a great one? We would love to know some tips.

Una Love

Get the best photographer you can afford! I went with John Clark in London which cost me twice what I would have paid locally (manchester) with the 2 photographers that most agencies send their actors to. Plus I had travel costs on top... Boy was it worth it. As my friend who recommended this photographer to me said, your headshot is what gets you through the door. If you don't get picked to audition you don't get the chance to show what you can do. So your headshot needs to stand out from the crowd. One of the things I did when researching was to check out agencies web sites. When you see a sea of headshots on the one page, you can see the small number that stand out. Look at those in detail and see who is credited in them. You'll probably start to notice a few photographers names coming up again and again... Check them out. Once on the shoot, or beforehand, talk with the photographer about what you want. What kind of look, feel and essence you want to communicate. There's no point being a pouty fashionista if you're more of a girl next door look. I think the most important thing though is to be thinking of something and feeling something as that will come through your eyes... Oh yeah, and bring LOTS of tops for changes. The photographer might have different ideas as to what will work than you so the more choice the better.

Natasha Younge

This is one the best articles I have ever read about headshots (Ms. In The Biz site).

Ken Larson

The only secret to a great photograph is a great photographer.

Christina Thompson

I believe it needs to be current and realistic. Of course I am still using cell phone selfies..

Peggy Fields Richardson!

An okay photographer with a good camera can do a good headshot. It needs to LOOK like you (in other words, if it's so photoshopped you're not recognizable, it may be a lovely photo but it's not a good headshot). If you change your look in ANY way: hair length, weight loss that shows in your face, hair color, piercings, noticeable teeth whitening, visible tattoos--anything--you need a new headshot. And my best tip for TAKING a good headshot: FLIRT WITH THE CAMERA. Have FUN doing it, let your personality show. Good luck.

Dan LaRoy

my tip for headshots is modeling. Go do some free modeling for some photographers. You'll get the pictures and if you do it a lot you'll have some good pictures and learn how to take good ones. It's also a cheaper way of getting headshots.

Una Love

Dan, the problem with most model shots is that they're not done by a headshot photographer that knows what a casting director is looking for. Also a good headshot photographer is going to focus on bringing out your unique essence and personality in a way that works for this purpose. This is different to a portrait photographer who wants to make you look as good as possible - but not necessarily like what the casting director will see when you walk in the room! Fashion photographers' objective is to sell the clothes, etc and often want that kind of pouty, bored look. If they'll spend some decent time afterwards doing your head shots AND you know how to get what casting directors want then go for it. I know when there's so many things to pay for as an actor it's tempting to do as much as you can on the cheap or for free. Personally, I'd get the best head shots you can afford though because if they don't get you picked out of a crowd you're holding your acting career back for as long as it takes you to get ones that will get you picked.

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