Acting : How To Start? by Hans Vats

Hans Vats

How To Start?

Hello friends. I am Hans So I have been working in school plays from a long time and now I feel that i need to polish my skills more and more So any ideas how to start

D Marcus

Time to go to as many auditions as you can. To polish your skills acting classes can be a way to start.

Laveena Bansal


Hans Vats

Thank you so much But I lack opportunities in my country. I guess I am gonna have create one for myself. :D :)

D Marcus

India has a huge film industry. Many opportunities for acting in your country. Or are you specifically asking about how to polish your skills in the theater?

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

You list writing as one of your skills. Write short films and try to get them made with yourself in them. You will probably have to write a number of them to arrive at something good but if you do, I think you'll find people will want to participate.

Hans Vats

thanks! great

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