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Debra Doggett

Introduce Yourself

Hi Everyone,

I've been mostly a lurker so far but want to start connecting with folks. That's my mantra this year. I'm a screenwriter and filmmaker. Currently working on a short film I hope will showcase my writing and directing abilities. I also work as a freelance writer doing blog and marketing content. Would love to get into voice acting so any tips are appreciated. I look forward to connect will all of you.

Maurice Vaughan

Hi, Debra. I used to be a lurker too. Glad you decided to start connecting with people. You're gonna see a big difference on here. What genre is your short?

Ashley Renee Smith

Hi Debra! I'm so glad that you've decided to put yourself out there and be more active within this great community.

Alexandra Shields

Welcome Debra! So glad that you introduced yourself. That's such an important step when it comes to really utilizing all that Stage 32 has to offer. What is your short film about?

Anne Alexander-Sieder

Hi Debra, I'm an actor and a screenwriter. Nice to see you here.

Mark Deuce

Great to meet you Debra Doggett and wish you the best!

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