Acting : Principle Roles by Rudy Bentz

Rudy Bentz

Principle Roles

I thoroughly enjoy working in front of the camera. Any thoughts, ideas, recommendations, personal experiences that you might share with me to enhance my audition prep and presentation as well as actual frame time on set/location?

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

As a non actor, I can say some of my best friends are actors. :) Seriously, I've had conversations with actor friends touching on these issues and I have helped an actor friend with an on line video audition. Some thoughts based on those experiences. Common sense works. courtesy, treating people well, asking questions when you need to do so, etc. And as much prep as you can possibly manage. You might also look up Michael Caine's videos on acting in film which are available on the net. Good luck.

Rudy Bentz

Thank you very much. R

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