Acting : Seeking LA area acting class recommendations by Cheri Dodd

Cheri Dodd

Seeking LA area acting class recommendations

I'm a screenwriter taking RB's and Scott Myer's advice to take an acting class. I live in Torrance and I'm looking for recommendations for a good acting class. Any suggestions?

Diana Budur

There's a method acting institute in LA called Strasberg, it's really great, just like the one in NY. I'd take part time for a few quarters if I were you. Otherwise maybe a shorter class at Actors Connection but that wont give you as much.

Ryan D. Canty

Here's an option and you can audit a class before you decide to take it. Anthony has a YouTube channel up and it's pretty awesome:

Suzanne Bronson

I love Anthony Mendel. Also there's Playhouse West. I agree I would always audit a class first

Regina Lee

My friend Alex Feldman founded For Actors by Actors. I've been a guest speaker (as a producer) in one of his classes.

Talece Brown

Tom Todoroff. When he is in town. Go to his website. He is an actors actor and and actors coach. Rare these days...And Real. XoT

Katie Ghidossi

Come try Joe Palese's classes! He's in Studio City and is an amazing teacher. He does traditional scene study but actors choose their own scenes and Joe's system is effective!

Rob Romero

Beverly Hills Playhouse

Cassandra Laugsand

I went to Stuart Rogers Studios in North Hollywood and I loved it! They teach the method Paradigms which I found extremely helpful and interesting + the teachers are great and very inspirational!

Cheri Dodd

thanks everybody!

Zedrick Restauro

Definitely take improv classes at Groundlings or UCB. Looks great on the resume, and once you get a commercial agent, they will recommend that you do anyway if not flat out make you take them. Having these schools on my resume, and of course the skills I've acquired there, have helped me and my reps get auditions across commercials, TV, and film.

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