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Studying drama

Is Common App a good way in finding great drama schools/Collage/ Universities?

Sidney Flack

I don't know what Common App is, obviously an "app", but here's what I recommend. Everyone deeply motivated to explore their gifts in acting needs to explore the three schools that are always at the top of the list: Carnegie Mellon University, the first/oldest conservatory in the country and where I trained; NYU; and, Juilliard. If you are truly talented and ready to be molded, at least one of these will take you. After that, the list is long and deep. There are many good schools out there, both in the four-year BFA/MFA model, and in the two-year specialty intensive models. So, along with the top three, search out schools closer to you. Google will help. Just research their history, background, philosophy, and endorsements. E.g, not every school that talks about Meisner really understands his method and philosophy. In the end, pay no attention to the advertised price until you are accepted and receive a financial aid package. If you don't get in, the price doesn't matter and you're only out the application costs. If you do get in, they'll tell you how much they want you by the aid package. Unless you have funds, you never pay the advertised price and, in a need-based aid system, the higher the price, the greater the need, and the less you end up paying. At that point it's your choice and you are in control.

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