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Samuel Kurnit

Voice Actors: Do you watermark?

Hi everyone! I've been trying to decide if I want to start watermarking my audio when I submit it to a client (to then be removed when payment is received) or stay the course of not doing it. I haven't had a situation yet where I've been burned by not doing it (no one has used my audio and not paid for it), I'm just trying to figure out if I should be more careful than I am. Thoughts?

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Samuel - I would maybe ask Dan Leonard his advice, I bet he'd have some good insight to this!

Samuel Kurnit

Thanks, I'll do that!

Dan Lenard

Hi Sam, Its a personal thing. I tend to trust people when I audition, PLUS, I simply don't give them the entire script, unless its someone I trust. Maybe for smaller market stuff where you might never hear what you've done. A watermark sometimes will really piss off people in high places. Watermarking, to me, shows a general mistrust of the marketplace. You don't want to start off a relationship that way. And chances are you'll have no relationship to start with.

Samuel Kurnit

Thanks Dan! Those are really good points. It's not something that I wanted to start doing; so far everyone that I've worked with has been fantastically trustworthy and I've had no reason too. I've just heard hub-bub from some other VAs about it being a "best practice" and wanted to make sure I wasn't missing the boat. I think this is a boat I'll purposely not take.

Dan Lenard

People who tell you that did not have your best interest at heart. If its there "best practice," they don't get much work.

Egypt Reale

All good notes everyone. Trusting people is always a good thing but definitely always keep your legal in place - make sure you do everything to make sure your stuff can be proven by Law to be yours and then be confident that you are fine.

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