Acting : Weird question by Brian McAndrew

Brian McAndrew

Weird question

Do you think that it's important to get into character if the character has a special diet? For example the say that character is on a paleo diet (high protein, no grain diet). Do you go on the same diet?

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Brian, when I wrote my Master's thesis - - - on Blanche Duchess of Lancaster (the subject of Chaucer's tribute poem "The Boke of the Duchesse") - - I used candles in the evening and ate a medieval diet. Yes, it made a difference.

D Marcus

As Laurence Olivier was rumored to have said, "Why don't you try acting?"

Leo Sopicki

I hope you never get cast as a Zombie.

LindaAnn Loschiavo

Leo - - - amen!

Liz Warner

Though a vampire and his his high garlic diet wouldn't be so bad. lol

Pierre Langenegger

Why? Is it a major character? Is the diet going to affect the way this character acts and talks with regard to the outcome of your story? Why don't you simply start with some basic research to see how that diet affects people?

Michael Maurice

More important than the diet itself is why the person is on the diet and her view of others who are not. Are your relationships with others affected by your choice of being on this diet? This is what's important not the food.

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