Acting : What are some good monologue topics ? by Tanujaa Patidar

Tanujaa Patidar

What are some good monologue topics ?

Looking a best topic where most of the emotions are covered.

Geoff Woodbridge

It is difficult to break down into what is a best topic. A good monologue needs to capture an audience and inspire some visuals through dialogue. The monologue needs to unfold, never giving too much away right away, to maintain an audiences interest. I love writing monologues.

James Grant Goldin

Is this for an audition?

Tanujaa Patidar

Yes dear James

Emily Brown

Forgive me if I've already answered this (I have, it just doesn't seem to be appearing here). Although each scenario is different, and you should always want to showcase you in your best light, rather than catering to what you think people may want to see... Betrayal is a great topic to look for. It can encompass a wide array of emotions as your character is dealing with memories from before the betrayal, how and why this specific betrayal hurts, and how they move forward.

James Grant Goldin

Without knowing all the strategic details, then, I'd say that Geoff's advice is very good, and I'd recommend that you pick something that connects closely with who you are, or at least the basic persona that you want to develop as an actor. Something that expresses you. If you do a duckduckgo or google search for monologues, of course, you'll find various examples. Local library or bookstore should have at least one book of monologues. Read through them and see what resonates with you. Also -- if there are any plays that have really affected you, there may be some speech you could make your own. Same with a movie, although getting the text may be harder -- although you could just watch and memorize. This is a really personal decision, but I think opening your heart and mind and seeing which one of a bunch of good material comes through might work. And if you have two or three choices, learn all of them. I would also say that advice from others is all well and good, but, "to thine own self be true," as one of the great busybody know-it-alls said. :)

James Grant Goldin

PS I also agree with Emily -- whose post, yeah, weirdly didn't appear before - betrayal can be good. (For a monologue.)

Tanujaa Patidar

Thank you dear friends for your valuable suggestions and loved it...

Nastassia Haroshka

Did you try to write your own?

Kazz Lewsader

One of my coaches, Joe Salazar, is a writer. If you contact him, he'll meet with you, then write a monologue specifically for your brand and type. He's very reasonably priced. Mention you know me from Stage 32. Here's Joes contact info:

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