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Jeremy Cournyea

3D Modeling Programs

Hey Everyone, I'm begining to teach myself some 3D modeling software. I've been told Maya is a good start and was wondering if anyone else had other feedback to give on it or other programs (3D Max, Z Brush, etc.) Thanks!

Jate Earhart

If you're just starting out, Maya is not going to be a good "ease in" in my person opinion. From what I've learned over the years, I'd say Cinema 4D is the easiest to learn starting out. It's not the best for modeling, but that's never stopped people from making awesome stuff. After that, 3DS Max is probably the second easier, but you get a lot more options in the ways of modeling. After that, Maya will play well with either of them, and you should learn different renders, like V-Ray at this point. Best of luck to you! - JateDesigns -

Rick Winslow

A college roommate of my son's is a 3D animator and he used 3DS Max. He was animator lead for the PC game 'Tabula Rasa' and also the later versions of 'Leisure Suit Larry'. He's done Blackberry, Planters Peanuts, and Toyota commercials among others.

Cory A. Jones

Start with Blender. It's totally free, open source software, and you can do some pretty awesome things with it. full CG animations, Modelling, Game Engine, etc. Maya and 3dsmax are extremely expensive, and not much different from Blender in terms of capability.

Jonathan Bliss

I think you cant wrong either way you go. I'm a Maya guy myself but I think once you learn the concept of good modeling, the skills are relatively transferable. The software is only the tool used to create the model. The modeler is who makes it good or not. Once you learn the concepts behind a good model you can always learn the different ways each software packages tool sets work. It doesn't matter where the model came from, as long as its a good one. Cory is right, Blender is free and could be a good starting point. You can always get the learning additions of 3DS Max and Maya later and decide which ones you like best.

Leon de Masi

Daz 3D is also fairly easy to use, and it's also free to download. From what I've seen around the web, the big 3 are Maya, 3DS Max, and Blender. Cinema 4D is also expensive ($400 last time I checked). Fortunately, most of these programs have "demo" versions you can download and try out.

David Caro

Cinema 4d, the best one for motiongraphics.

Alain Tartevet

I agree!!!! I use this software everyday and I love it.

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