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Jesse Jensen

Anime in America

What is the possibility of an american-made anime getting traction, attention and becoming a success compared to anime made in Japan, and why?

David Trotti

American animation shows in an anime style like Boondocks, Avatar, Teen Titans and Steven Universe have done okay. Animation in the US is a pretty niche market outside of kids programming. Archer, Family Guy, The Simpsons, South Park, Bobs Burgers and American Dad target pretty specific demos that round out slates for their networks/channels. But as with anything, if it's got a good hook there's always a chance. The Flintstones and Jetsons were big risks for network TV but found an audience and have become iconic. The first question would be: what specifically requires this show to have an anime feel? If it's strictly to go after an anime-loving market, that market in the west probably isn't big enough to risk the investment because on the other side of the Pacific Japan, China and Korea are cranking out their own domestic product cheaper than an American imitation could deliver to an audience that's already comfortable with it. Next, the question is, what demographic could it deliver that would be advantageous to a network or channel or streaming service? If you can get a good hook and know your audience and have an insight into an outlet looking to reel in that audience, it would certainly give you a fighting chance.

John E. Bias

I been asking the same question. I've written screenplays with anime in mind, but now turning towards converting them into graphic novels. If that gains some traction, I'll work on an animated version. You may want to look toward something like the "Appleseed EX" or "Starship Troopers" style of animation.

Patrick Anderson

Anime has always been light years ahead of the game. Just to give you insight as to how HUGE the industry is, I witnessed a line from the convention center in DTLA that extended from the entrance all the way down Figueroa from Olympic to 23rd St @ Figueroa. Google map how many persons that could be to extend that far down the road. AnimeCon attracts by the 100's of thousands .

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