Animation : Any suggestions on Independent Animation Studios, Management Companies, or Agencies accepting queries or unsolicited submissions by Roy Dickson

Roy Dickson

Any suggestions on Independent Animation Studios, Management Companies, or Agencies accepting queries or unsolicited submissions

Hey there good folks,

My writing partner and I have created a project in the animated space that we would love to take to the next steps. We're LA based and are currently running into a wall where studios, management companies, and agencies aren't accepting unsolicited material. We have a pitch bible, pilot episode ready to go!

I wanted to reach out to the community here to see if anyone had any suggestions on how to acquire representation, or who is currently accepting submissions.

Along with our current project, we have a myriad of other animated ideas in the works, and would love to be connected with someone who could help.

Thank you all, and good luck on everyones creative endeavors!


Andrew Garrett

While I have not yet found a home for my various projects-- including some with good track records and wins in competitions-- the majority of companies willing to read my screenplays have been European. Don't miss out on companies outside Hollywood!

Roy Dickson

Many thanks Andrew. We will definitely widen the scope!!

Bob Harper

I'm in the same boat Roy, I have actually had a variety of managers in the past and haven't really gotten my stuff in front of the right people overall. Are your projects for kids or adults, because the landscape is different for each.

Roy Dickson

Bob Harper Its for adults! Thanks for the feedback Bob.

Trevor Gustafson

Good stuff, Roy. Similar situation here, let's support each other! When you say your project is for adults, how extreme are we talking? My project is a step up from the over-done family kiddie animated trend, but still rather clean. There seems to be little middle ground in feature animation, so weird. I would have thought by now more genres would be opening up I think we may be on that cusp, keep going we will be part of that wave! :D Peace

Roy Dickson

Trevor Gustafson Lets definitely support each other anyway we can! I would say our project would be TvMA as of now. I would envision it playing on Comedy Central or Adult Swim.

We are widening our scope daily and just focusing on keeping out feet moving in the right direction. :)

Oliver L Le Roux

Hi Roy.

I own a production company in Denmark and have photo realistic animation capabilities. Have a look at my channel there is a couple of things I did there. Maybe I can help you.


Mike Romoth

I'm all about using YouTube and then blowing up some events to promote. It's such a great free platform, and even if you don't like them, there are others. Throw something enticing out there on YouTube. Not everything, but you want it to HOOK THEM. A trailer for your project...nice and hot, right? Then it's all about doing the damned legwork to make sure they hear about your cool project. Build that audience. Find out where they go, where they eat, and make sure to leave some promo or whatever. Be aggressive! If they say they don't want to hear you, you've got to be loud enough that they cannot say no. From what I hear, you have to be clever.

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