Animation : I love my union BUT... by Maurice Tyson

Maurice Tyson

I love my union BUT...

I had created a hilarious animated short to submit to the SAG Short Film Festival HOWEVER, it does not adhere to any of of their rules. I was sent .pdf files with contracts for performers, budget other forms. I said, look it's a 4:42 minute, 3-D computer animated, directed, produced & voiceover by ME! What's the fuss? Thoughts?

Dan MaxXx

the festival says "SAG Short Film." You didn't check the rules; it's on you, not the Union

Bob Harper

How does it not fit in SAG's guidelines. They have an animation short contract that is supposed to cover 5 minute or under animated films and the budget is either $5,000 or $7,000. Are you over that budget?

William Joseph Hill

If you're entering a SAG festival, then the production has to be covered under a SAG-AFTRA agreement. It could be qualified under a New Media Agreement which allows for deferred payment to the performer (you), if you initially release it online (ie. YouTube). But you still need to do contracts, budget & the paperwork. Even if your budget is $0, you should work out how much the deferments would cost - factor in your labor on all the work you did and then list it as deferred. This is good to learn because if you want to eventually make $$$ doing this, you'll have to know contracts, budgets, etc. so that you can produce your own material.

D Marcus

I know it's been two weeks and you haven't responded. But I'm wondering... Why did you submit a film to a festival that did not adhere to any of of their rules?

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