Cinematography : A quick look at my GH2 with the new Tascam DR60D Mk2 by Paul Kepner

Paul Kepner

A quick look at my GH2 with the new Tascam DR60D Mk2

Revised video: Here is a quick video showing how I have my camera setup with the new Tascam DR60D Mk2 that I just bought and the rechargeable external power supply. I love this setup and it lets me records for hours on end now:) The monitor is not always on the camera like that. If you want me to review the new DR60 Mk2 let me know. Sorry for the wind noise. The video was shot with a Canon ELPH Powershot 300HS and it doesn't have a wind screen on it.

System Admin

Awesome setup Paul. Would definitely be interested to hear the pros/cons you've experienced so far with the DR60 mk2.

Paul Kepner

Derrick I plan on making a review on the DR60 Mk2 and on the FeelWorld monitor I'm using.

System Admin

Great! Looking forward to it.

Paul Kepner

Derrick here is a short video I made about the DR60 Mk2

Robert P. Davenport II

Looks like a nice efficient set up. Do you shoot with any of the GH-2 hacks? I suggest you get a wind screen for your lavaliere mic. How do you set up your audio configuration for hand held rig/ shoulder shooting?

Jeffrey Akers

IMHO I think the DR60's are a horrible design. I have one and mount it to the arm of my fluid head so it doesn't have an ill effect on my cinematography. Putting 3.5 to 4 inches of space(whatever it is) between my camera and the pivot-point of the head creates a crazy amount of camera motion if I ever want to tilt the camera. If I were to choose that camera motion it would be one thing, but I don't think it's a very natural look.

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