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Leon Reaper


Hey everyone, got another question, what would be ideal to make a office set, hospital scenes you just rent a warehouse or to save on money could you refurbish a abandoned building and construct it into the design you want?

Devorah Lynne Dishington

Usually easiest to have a location manager find places that will fit your script needs

Leon Reaper

yes but that costs money when you can look online for free

Devorah Lynne Dishington

True, but sometimes, they may find what is needed faster than someone without as much information . . . it is comparing the cost against the cost of your time, which would take your focus away from other more important duties involved in the production. Anyway, it is cheaper to FIND usuable places than to construct, unless it it a fantasy world

Dustin Bowcott

You can do whatever you like. Mark up an area of your house too. It would be a good idea to get yourself teamed up with a good cameraman. You can mock almost anything to make it look like anything, with a bit of imagination and camera trickery almost anything is possible. However, it is best to keep things as realistic as you can... the warehouse idea is a good one. Or if you wanted an office you could rent one as they are fairly cheap. You could even make the warehouse the setting. Simple horror script: some knobheads get themselves locked in an old warehouse where it all kicks off. Some fake blood, screams etc, etc.

Michael Dougal

Make a foreground set and use a green screen backdrop. You can add anything needed off the computer.

Kevin S. Birnbaum

Mike's idea is a good one.

Rik Carter

Depending on where you live it's often less expensive to shoot in a practical location. All the props and set dressing needed for a hospital can be crazy. But yes, you can rent a warehouse and build, or an empty building and dress it.

Leon Reaper

awesome thanks guys! god there's so many elements to a making a film! :P but it all looks like fun tho

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