Anything Goes : What's your failure story? by David Andrade

David Andrade

What's your failure story?

It's nice to hear how someone met someone that made them into something or led them somewhere. What I really love though are the stories we never hear about. Like how a 3 month shoot turned into a 3 day shoot, or how you spent years writing a script that still hasn't made any headwind. What's your failure story? Let's hear and share :)

Sarah Gabrielle Baron

I met a little online production crew (that shall remain nameless) through the ISA jobs listing, and wrote 3 webisodes for them. I discovered I can write comedy! Yay! Unfortunately when I suggested some changes to their terrible 'contract' they turned nasty, so I just backed off and never heard from them again (I think my husband may have told them to text-off). I guess I should search them out to see if they ever produced anything, but I want to believe I'm above that.... Moral of the story? If you get that close to forming a relationship on a project, meet in person, or at least talk on the phone. It's hard to judge people just through online interaction.

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