Cinematography : A Breakdown of the Beautiful Cinematography in "Drive" by Amanda Toney

Amanda Toney

A Breakdown of the Beautiful Cinematography in "Drive"

Curtis McGann

This was really cool.

Beth Fox Heisinger

Great share, Shannon. :) What I enjoyed most about this "breakdown" is that the director simply applied the classic art theory of composition, a concept that is certainly not new and has been around and used in painting/art/architecture for centuries. Rembrandt used this to great effect. Notice how the scenes shot with little light in "Drive" look like a Rembrandt painting. One can lead the eye of the viewer by practicing various composition techniques; using line, shape, color, light, diagonal lines, proportions, implied lines, perspective, even the "golden ratio" to pull a viewer through an art piece. If done well, the viewer doesn't even need to be told where to look first, second and even third. It's great stuff. Take a look at classic art, you'll be amazed.

Amanda Toney

Thanks Beth!

Eric Pagan

Thanks Shannon!

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Shannon, thanks for sharing. Beth - I really enjoyed your analysis and response. Well said.

Beth Fox Heisinger

You are very welcome, Julie. And, thank you! It's great to actually put my art history education to good use! Haha!

Hayward Crawford

Just more proof that you can always reinvent the rules, just watched this video recently, great information.

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