Cinematography : Film Projection Question by Christopher Binder

Christopher Binder

Film Projection Question

I'm a little bit confused. Traditionally a 35mm film camera can record 10 minutes, so if a film is 120 minutes long, in terms of reels that means it's 12 reels long right? But I've seen in cases things like a film is really long in terms of minutes but in terms of reels only listed at something like 4 or 5 etc. Can somebody clear this up for me?

Andrew Sobkovich

Print and camera raw stock are 2 different things. 35mm camera raw stock is slightly over 11 minutes for 1000' at 24fps and using a 4 perf pulldown. Print stocks for projection are usually 2000' rolls so 22 minutes maximum if the editor uses absolutely all of the available footage.

John P. Jack Beckett

At 24fps and four sprocket pull-down is 90 feet per minute.

Rafael Pinero

When your finishing on 35mm, your editor edits on reels, each reel should not be longer than 20 minutes, so if you have a 120 minute film, you'll end up with six reels.

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