Filmmaking / Directing : Stage Blood won't come off! by Errol Webber

Errol Webber

Stage Blood won't come off!

Hey folks, need a little help. Just wrapped another long day of shooting, and I'm glad we saved this scene for last. The character has to wash blood off his hands. Does anyone know how to fully wash this particular brand of stage blood off? Of course, the first thing that comes to mind is an abrasive soap, but he's already washed his hands enough. What else have you found that works in this case? Thanks!

Christopher Chepiga

Not sure if this helps but it works wonders for me most of the time, and it's dirt cheap. Safe for hands and clothes.

Errol Webber

Thanks! Turns out shaving cream works!

Royce Allen Dudley

Arrrrgh. There is stage blood and there is stage blood. Most claim not to stain, FX people claim it won't stain, but I have seen only a couple brands that don't. The cautionary tale is test it on sets, skin etc ahead of time. Most of this stuff, if glycerin based, does not come completely off painted surfaces FYI... worse, you cannot paint over it, it pushes through multiple coats, brightly. Good luck.

Shiva Rodriguez

Stage blood stains are the worst! I'm like a mad scientist in my workshop when it comes to mixing up blood and am always trying out new ideas for bases. (I really dislike most of the ready-made bloods out there because they market themselves as being all-purpose and are anything but.) It's more expensive, but it pays off in the long run by using different formulas for different tasks. I have recipes specifically for use on skin, use on fabric, use on concrete or other porous floor surface, use on bleached hair, use for inside mouth, etc... Not uncommon for me to use five or more different bloods for one scene.

Simon © Simon

Vinegar like Windex was to my Big Fat Greek Wedding.

Dan Murphy

If got going in mouths or eyes you can add some Dawn dishwashing soap to the blood. that helps a bunch. Will darken a bit.

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