Cinematography : Upgrading from DSLR by Taelon Ratliff

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Upgrading from DSLR

Hey everyone, my name is Taelon and I really want to get a new camera, but not sure which camera to get! I currently using Sony A7, I love it but I really want something with more pow than a DSLR, my dad passed away this year ( it's ok not that close with him ) and he left me 10k!! He always wanted me to pursue filmmaking, so I want to use this money for a new camera. Are there any good non DSLR video cameras out there under 10k? Ps I don't care how big the camera is ( I actually prefer bulky cameras), What are your suggestions ?!?

Hunter Mossman

Hi Taelon, Their are a few choices out there but if I had 10K to put towards a camera right now I'd go with the Sony FS7. It's arguably the best bang for your buck on the market today. 4K internal recording, Up to 180 FPS in 1080. Good ergonomics and pretty much ready to go out of the box. You'll need to spend a little on media and batteries just like any rig. And possibly a lens adapter depending what glass you have or will want. But you should be up and shooting for about 10K or close to it. I'm sure there are arguments for getting Black Magic's products and others but that's my 2 cents for what it's worth. I shoot with it quite often and for the price it's hard to beat.

Jacob Ayers

Red Raven could be an option.

Brooke Kaczor

Make sure that you price out all the equipment that you will need, such as camera support, lenses, etc..... I would consider the type of filming you plan on doing in considering a proper camera and rig. The Sony is a great camera. I have BMCC and love them, and you can outfit one for under 10K and have a little left over for other things, but they aren't good for run and gun shoots (although I have done that!)

Caleb Wood

Honestly, (this is just a personal preference) I have always been a fan of the Canon C cameras (C100,C300 and C500) they get great quality of video and have all kinds of features to help with filmmaking or my favorite, documentary filmmaking!

Eduardo Angel

If the plan is to upgrade from DSLRs and with $10k in your hand I'd get a Sony FS5 or FS7, especially since you already have Sony lenses or adapters.

Vitale Justice

10 k will buy you a Black Magic Ursa 4K or 4K Mini and a lot of the accessories like affordable lens's batteries tri pods media cards etc

Landis Stokes

Not sure where you are located but if it's possible why not rent one or two cameras you really like for the weekend? Or see if a rental house will let you look them over. It's an investment after all.

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