Composing : Getting jobs outside LA by Luis Castelao Merces

Luis Castelao Merces

Getting jobs outside LA

Hello everyone, I understood that networking is very important but how do we make it if we live in other country finishing school or for other reason? Is it possible to work via internet? And how? (if it is possible)

Edvard Egilsson

Hey Luis, I suggest reaching out to music libraries for production music or sign up for a service like Taxi etc.

Luis Castelao Merces

Thanks Edvard, I'll do that.

Matt Milne

Luis, I lived in a bungalow in a remote part of scotland for the first 10 years of my career. I worked on films all over the US and all across the world, getting to know filmmakers everywhere, all spotting sessions were done via skype, or chat services, everything else by email. I could score a film from the north pole, or the international space station, as long as i had power and the internet. Today, my work's featured in some of the top publications, and screened at festivals all over the world. Anything's possible as long as you're prepared to work for it, and adapt to changing circumstances and people.

Luis Castelao Merces

thank you so much for the advice, it motivated me a lot!!

Thomas Joerg Stief

This is my goal - to write music for productions from anywhere in the world.....

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