Composing : Plugin Thursday! - Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEPro) by Samuel Estes

Samuel Estes

Plugin Thursday! - Vienna Ensemble Pro (VEPro)

Happy Thursday all! Today I want to show you the current industry workhorse for hosting VSTs/AUs to be used with your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW, ie: Logic, Cubase, etc). This is Vienna Ensemble Pro. Think of it as a virtual plugin extension of your DAW. Its main function is to send audio and midi over the network for two major workflow reasons: 1) Speed up template loading (the samples are always loaded in the background, and don't need to unloaded/reloaded when you are working on different cues.) 2) Offload sample (or software synths) to an extra computer - specially when you are out of memory or processing. Even if you have an old, extra computer that you "retire" you can still make use of it by hosting a few VST instruments. It's pretty simple to use, you basically start "instances" in the main - Metaframe window (from the server program). Each instance allows for up to 8 VSTs (each using 16 midi channels each). Then in your DAW, you open up the VEPro VST/AU/AAX plugin and connect the "server interface" to your instance you created (either in the background on the "host" computer or on another computer on your network (like a laptop, old computer, etc). Then your DAW creates the midi and audio pathways for you. This saves so much time in loading, you don't need to buy external audio and midi devices, etc. Not only that, but you can host 32-bit software and run a 32-bit environment with VEPro in a 64-bit daw... this allows you to use older software that you did not have access to before. Enjoy!

VIENNA ENSEMBLE PRO 7 - Vienna Symphonic Library
VIENNA ENSEMBLE PRO 7 - Vienna Symphonic Library
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Amanda Toney

This is awesome, thank you Sam!

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