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Adriana Li Mandri

Seeking some help

Hey guys, I'm on the hunt for music for my new movie Tonic- set to be released in the Spring. Only downside is that I'm looking for someone who would offer to do it for free seeing how this is a Student Film and therefore zero to no money. Although once fundraising is underway I would want to give the composer something- even if it's barely anything. With that said- if you think you have music sitting around you think would be good for an action/comedy movie. Message me. Tonic is about a Drag Queen who seeks to avenge his father's death by the evil drag leader- Hurricane Summers.

Gonzalo Garcia Santos

Stand by me: Best

Percy Grate

Hi how are you?. We can do a custom song for your movie. Stop by our profile to read more about us and hear lots of our music @ Best Wishes!

Calvin Vanderbeek

Put out a shout on Craig'slist under 'creative' 'gig' and see what comes up. Also google 'public domain music'. Lots of hungry composers out there that will help if your film is good.

Terrence Baltimore

If you go to and search my username TBslt you can gear some of my tracks. You can also watch the video to "Elevator Music" on my page here or on YouTube. I finish filming a new songs"Dear God" this weekend. Hope I could be of some assistance. Live, Love & Learn. "Elevator Music" >>

John Ryan Kelmer

Hi Adriana, this is my friend's demo page that he let's me use them; feel free to use any of them, just let me know if you would like any of the downloads. take care

Adriana Li Mandri

Hey guys, thanks so much for all your replies. Right now me and my producer is looking at everyone and talking it over. We will let you know if we decide to use any of your music. Till then feel free to keep posting your work. It's still way to early to make any final lockdown on the music because we haven't even shot yet (shooting is Feb 6-13th) If you like I know a lot of other films being made in my area that is also looking for music. If you want I can send them your way- just let me know :)

Jeff Waweru is a very good place to start. It is designed for this kind of thing. You are likely to get a very good tune for a very good price.

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