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Elijah Eskin

Song Writer

I've sold 5 songs and written one song for a student film my sisters friend is doing. It's A rare talent that I was born with. I'm only 13 years old but I've been writing lyrics for 6 years. Making films and scripts is new for me and I think music and writing is what will get me in the industry. Most people who I know who do films tell me things like from 1 to 10 in music I am a 7.5 and in film I'm still something like 1.5. I've written hundreds of songs. You can email: if your interested

Yasmine Van Wilt

Elijah, A word of advice: It is best not to share any music on any forum, or with anyone. Also, I would suggest not putting your email on a public message board such as this. You are a minor, so you expose yourself to a number of dangers. This is not a "safe place" just because it is a professional network. If you want to transition into doing this work professionally: Make sure you join the appropriate professional organisations, register your work, only accept invitations from people who are accredited....just proceed with caution. I wish you all the best! Take good care. Best Wishes, Yasmine

Pete Papageorge

Hi, Elijah: I second Yasmine's advice. You also might consider registering your music with the Copyright Office in Washington, DC, and also affiliating with one of the professional licensing organizations, or PROs: ASCAP, BMI, or SESAC. Good luck! Pete Papageorge

Arhynn Descy

Hi Elijah, I think it is incredibly brave of you to put yourself and your music out there at your age. Well done! I do not think its a bad thing to post on this site. The way to stay safe is to make sure your parents are monitoring things for you and if anyone contacts you , you can always ask your parents to check it out for you or even message RB if you're worried. Arhynn

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