Composing : Who would be interested? by Robert Moskowitz

Robert Moskowitz

Who would be interested?

My wife recently passed away, leaving a bunch of songs in rough or demo form. The songs are part of a musical she had planned called "Thee University", in which life on Earth is merely a learning experience for us beings who normally dwell on "the other side" to learn and grow in a human body. I can't make progress in producing/presenting this show until the songs are written down or otherwise in shape for performers to know what to do with them. Obviously, at this point there is no budget for this. If you send me your email I'll happily send you one or more of her demos, which includes songs like "Blue Planet's Got the Blues", "Spirit Guide", "Everyone is Learning," "Finding Your Place in the World," "Humans Make Mistakes," "I Wanna Go Back Down to Earth and Have a Body Again," and many more. My vision is to generate a viable piece of musical theater and get it performed. This may be a charitable work at the moment, but if it's a hit we'll all make money. Happy to talk this over with you, if you might be interested. Thanks. Robert ( (

Stefano Pavone

I'm so sorry for your loss, Robert.

Mike Ososki

Robert, our condolences to you. The musical sounds quite intriguing and I would be happy to explore advancing it more. Please do send a song or two to and let's please chat on the phone, too.

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