Filmmaking / Directing : "Crane Operator" now a selectable occupation. by Nico Giaquinto

Nico Giaquinto

"Crane Operator" now a selectable occupation.

Hey Everyone, Just as a heads up, I contacted technical support and "Crane Operator" is now a selectable occupation. To all my fellow Jib and Crane guys/gals out there, raise your hand! To all the producers, hope this helps you find reliable locals. Hopefully they will also approve my request for "Gimbal Operator" as well.

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

Thanks for reaching out Nico! Much respect for what you do!

Gordon Lash

Thanks for the heads up. I will adjust my profile. Thanks as well for requesting Gimbal Op occupation. What type rigs do you run? I'm a Stanton Jib and Defy Gimbal guy myself.

Bradley Scott

Hey Gordon - guys on my crew use Defy Gimbal - I have this bookmarked it's helpful for me understand it easier, thought I'd share:

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