Filmmaking / Directing : Craziest Job by Marc Lee

Craziest Job

what is the craziest job or most unusual job you have had to perform on a set?

JD Hartman

"Fluffer" for the female talent on a porn shoot. Person hired for the job got food poisoning the night before.

Darren R Wiczek

Was asked to pilot the plane in Public license or idea how to do it....was always told volunteer for I did. Michael Mann said I couldn't because I was already in a vehicle shot. I'm sure I could have gotten the plane up......

Amber Greenlee

"Spritzer." A swimsuit shoot on a Malibu Beach, sunset on a Tuesday. It was my job to spritz water droplets on the models and brush sand off of their skin.

Kay Cunningham

"Wind Maker" A feature film shoot I was on last month the DP ask me if I have any idea how I could make wind from a tree as it was so humid filming in CT, I just started fanning the low limbs and I was actually caught on Camera :)

Amber Greenlee

@Kay. A 100lb clear braided fishing line wrapped over a lower branch or two would have done the trick too. Just make sure you use work gloves on the line so you don't cut your hands.

Kay Cunningham

@amber The DP wanted to pick up a bell sound that hang on the tree so you had to figure out the right speed and I used a small bounce reflector , the 1001b fishing line would make it a storm lol

Amber Greenlee

@Kay. No problem. We don't want to cause a typhoon. There are multiple paths up the mountain of success but if you ever DO need to make a huge wind, they even make "matte clear," line now that is damn near invisible to the eye, much less a camera lens.

Gina Roland

Years ago on a horror film I did SFX for, I had to make it look like a guy was gouging his own brains out. I had to (and it only lasted about three takes) wrangle real pig brains. Good times. XD

Royce Allen Dudley

I was body double for a beautiful young Iranian actress. The gag was that her character is getting her back waxed. I stepped out of my role as cinematographer and offered up my back as the insert-shot stunt double. One take. DAMN it hurt.

Roxanne Paukner

Rainy day, our football players didn't show because of the forecast(!). So I went to the YMCA and even nearby high school graduation parties to recruit extras for a locker room scene. We did manage to pull together a motley crew for our "championship" team. I laugh every time I see those shots.

Jose Mas Perez

While working on a reality TV makeover show our production vehicles got broken into and the casts purses were stolen from the vehicles while we were filming the big reveal, I was tasked with taking $1500 in hundred dollars bills and breaking them down to 5,10,and 20s. So at 11pm I had to venture out into the worst parts of San Francisco on a Tues night to achieve this task. Needless to say many businesses looked at me like I was a drug dealer. After dealing with several questionable people that helped with maybe $200 I was forced to drive 40 miles away to a casino to finish the task. Walked out with my pockets bulging and a fear of either being pulled over and having to explain my situation or being robbed.

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