Filmmaking / Directing : Learning quick because playback is a bitch by Eric Julien Fulcher

Eric Julien Fulcher

Learning quick because playback is a bitch

Hello folks, I've been at the film game for two full-time years and hit the road running, skipping school and getting projects wherever possible. While I enjoy the small unit, small scale productions of any duration my experience has included manning RED cameras, 5k lights, scaffolding and other rigging contraptions. I am curious to know how long it took some of you to get comfortable with any project thrown your way. All the best, --Eric

Sandrene Mathews

You should never feel fully comfortable with projects thrown your way. One of the beautiful things about filmmaking is creating order in the unknown. When you get too comfortable is when you start making uninspired films. That being said, you can, and should, develop enough level of competency so that you feel confident that you will be able to find the answers to the myriad of questions you'll face on set. How long that takes depends on everyone. Prior experience, how quickly you pick up new skills, how focused you are all is a factor. It sounds like you've been working in various departments, which is good for making you well rounded but can make it take longer to master any of them. If there's any one thing you like doing most I would suggest focusing on that, then doing a new skill on fun projects, like a timed competition.

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