Filmmaking / Directing : Location Scout Checklist by Hayward Crawford

Hayward Crawford

Location Scout Checklist

Just curious Stage 32 community, what would your ultimate location scout checklist consist of? For a new production, I'm making a list and check it twice. Love to hear your thoughts?

Dan MaxXx

Petty CASH$$$, portable cell charger and a gun

JD Hartman

No such thing as the "Ultimate Checklist". I'm other will post and try to prove contrary. Here's but one example:

Hayward Crawford

Thanks Dan & JD lol, I'll get on this right away.

Bradley Scott

lol Dan MaxXx

Darren R Wiczek

A big part of location depends on a few variables. 1 Proximity to either the crew or the talent. Are you driving to them, they driving to you, or a mutual location. 2 Depending on the answer to number 1 what do you have available...ex. public property, someones home or business, parks. Always remember ...what looks good on camera, would you watch it, also what do you have available to you. is it free or is there a cost or trade involved. 3 A huge part of the public or private location will have to do with permits, certificates of insurance, rules and regulations regarding privacy..drones. plenty of other variables...hope this gets you on the right track. Remember research research and location location. Always have a plan and a backup. Darren

Isaac Amar

Hi, My name is Isaac Amar and I’m working at Seret Studios. If you are not already familiar with our locations, we have locations in Greenpoint, Dumbo, Long Island City, Bronx, and Williamsburg. Please feel free to contact us if you need a location in NYC. Looking forward to working with you in 2017! Best, Isaac Inline image 1 Seret Studios| Location Manager 202 Plymouth street, Brooklyn, NY 11201 (929)-353-4917 |

Darren R Wiczek

That would be cool....except I live in Wisconsin. Beautiful Lake Redstone, Devils Lake...oh and plenty of corn. Same offer if you guys come my direction...always glad to help.

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