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Sherry Billings

Looking to Get Involved

I am a photography student through the Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online and my goal is to be a motion picture still photographer. Unfortunately school seems to focus more on portrait style photography. I am in the Forty Myers area of Florida and willing to travel to Tampa, Orlando, or Miami to gain the experience I need to accomplish my goal. If anyone has a project they wouldn't mind allowing me to gain experience on, that would be great. If there are any photographers who wouldn't mind mentoring me in motion picture still photography, that would be amazing. Thanks!

Shawn Speake

That's what's up, Sherry!

Paula Brathwaite

Welcome aboard, Sherry! I'm also a Stills Photographer, learning about the business only since last year. It was tricky researching about this type of photography, for sure. I'd just learned from reading blogs I'd found (even built my own camera blimps!) and reached out to a couple of local experienced Unit Stills photogs on Facebook, etc. after reading their interviews/blogs online and asking them questions. I appreciated every insight that they have shared and I let them know that too. :-)

Sherry Billings

I've contacted a few stills photographers from some major motion pictures and was surprised to get a response because I know how busy they were. They were very helpful and offered great advice. It would be great to find some who were local to get together with and chit chat about it.

John O'Hara

Sherry, you are not too far from me in Brevard County, FL. I have 40+ yrs as a still photographer, 15 yrs as a cinematographer, 15 yrs as a sound mixer, and just beginning as an Executive Producer. Currently, I have 2 films in post, 1 film in pre-production, and 1 film in development. I would consider giving you experience (and guidance) on set depending on your skill set. We produce faith-based and motivational films for use in our own live events. Still photography for film is about creating promotional photos for use online, in the media, and especially for the one-sheet.

Sherry Billings

That would be great John. Being a photography student, I am not getting the training I need for unit still photography.

John O'Hara

Sherry, Message me so we can arrange to review your existing work to see where you are at this moment.

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