Filmmaking / Directing : Question of on set vibe by Kyle Wilson

Kyle Wilson

Question of on set vibe

Just a though. But what are your views on how to keep crew on set moving on all cylinders positively? I have my own beliefs, but what's yours?

Royce Allen Dudley

Pay them. Feed them. Water them. Don't allow disrespect. Communicate to all, and keep people in the loop as to what the day's game plan is as it unfolds. Even if things change, they care more if they feel like integral parts of the process Do not allow unreasonable lengthy days or forced turnarounds. Do not suffer a diva, as it infects others negatively. Did I say pay, feed, and water ?

Erich Kemp

Hey Kyle - my 2 cents - the best food you can afford, and keep the drinks cold. And as soon as they see you slow down/get tired/impatient, that attitude spreads like a virus.

Kyle Wilson

Yup :). Lets not forget to allow their two cents of an opinion or idea to be actually shown to them that it was thought about and respected. And to give your reason respectfully as to why it wouldn't work. And sometimes what they come up with could actually fix the hiccup as well. You two nailed it on the head pretty much. I am humbled and honored by those answers. Thanks

Royce Allen Dudley

Stanley Kubrick was notorious for listening to ... even soliciting.... anyone's opinion. It's huge, for everyone. And he still got to be a dictator :)

Dan MaxXx

find a good Assistant Director. He/she gotta be the drill sgt. , snap the whip on crew. if u r the Producer & Director , u need someone sharp to watch your money. time is money.

Doug Nelson

Open communication. Treat each and every member of your cast and crew as though they are the most important member, because they are. Any one of them can screw up your production.

Nicholas Jordan

Building a crew is the only way to do it. When I worked in Austin I was completely astounded how well Austin could work with Union and is a model I will never forget.

Anthony D Paul

I call R. Lee Ermey. He whips 'em in shape.

Doug Nelson

The Gunny has a role in one of my scripts.

Sandrene Mathews

I'm currently writing an article about this and pretty much everything I've written comes down to respect. Respect of time and opinions. Recognizing the talent of your crew. Trusting them to do their job. There's nothing I hate more than for a filmmaker to ask me to help with his film and then never use me. Especially when they aren't utilizing their own time efficiently. I live most of my life going with the flow, but I never just wing it on set.

Doug Nelson

Here I go; repeating myself once more: Treat every person in your cast & crew as though they are the most valuable member. In reality they are! It takes a team to make a movie and any one person can screw the whole thing up. (The PA forgot the morning coffee, the Caterer doesn't show up at lunch, your blood-shot eyed Star went on a bender last night... so many things can go wrong.)

Nicholas Jordan

as mentioned in directors-disk El Mariachi one major-name had stated that making a film you have all these people running up asking questions ▬ with my experience in construction i recognize the situation and find the Union in Austin to have provided a core that prevents the problem

Dan Murphy

Lead by example... Have fun but weed out the negative.

Harlan W. Groom

Higher me, I am a proven business man here to learn and work my butt off. I am a great manager and problem solver. Harlan W. Groom Marinated Gentleman

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