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John Heiser

Set Design / Construction for Theater

A colleague of mine is producing a play in Central NJ. The general setting of the play is Little Italy in NYC, with some exterior park and street scenes. There also is some suburban Connecticut interior / exterior scenes. Does anyone know what is the best way to go about a quick scene change using flats and or canvas backdrop in scene transitions? I'm doing video for this play, and he asked me, however my experience isn't in set design and creating a LIVE set so to speak. Thanks. So far I've been advised that foam core, balsa wood and canvas are great materials where durability isn't an issue.

JD Hartman

Best way would depend on the theater and capabilities of that space. Do they have a fly loft and experienced crew to fly scenery pieces in or out? Otherwise use traditional wagons. A little info:

D Marcus

There isn't a "best way" to go about a quick scene change; there are many different methods. Designing transitions for a play can be very exciting, challenging and rewarding. I could help but I'd need to know the play, the space and the intent of the playwright and needs of the director to offer any useful suggestions. I take it from your question that this colleague of yours doesn't have a set designer for his play. Is he planning on hiring one or do these transitions come down to you?

John Heiser

Thanks for the responses JD and D. The producer hired me to produce a multi-camera video of his play. I'm not sure of the venue's abilities, but I'll pass on the info to him. He wants to hire people for set design, construction and operating the set changes. He asked me because I know some people in the industry, but also wanted my independent opinion of which I'm not completely knowledgeable about. I figured this would be a great venue from which to gather some of that info with the professional set designers in this community. Thanks again for your responses.

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