Anything Goes : I, Frankenstein by Robert Graphik

Robert Graphik

I, Frankenstein

This movie had no soul, so dissapointing.For such a long movie it had no substance, you didnt care about anyone.Good acting if you can get past the " I batman" impersonation. Good special effects, poor cinematography. I imagine this to be a very sterile well composed lethargic adaption of a quality storyboard.

Douglas Eugene Mayfield

Yes, I found it disappointing and did not care about any of the characters, despite some good performances. I think there are reasons for that. (Some mild SPOILERS coming) There is no jeopardy for any of the characters. Frankenstein is apparently indestructible. The two groups of mystical characters cannot die but instead are 'recycled' to either heaven or hell which makes the whole thing pointless. There is mention of protecting human beings from the bad mystical but since we almost never see people and certainly don't get to know any of them, any such concern gets lost in the 'story shuffle'. You might compare (at least the opening of) the movie 'Underworld' to see how interest in the outcome of that film is built.

Ty Ferrell

Watched the teasers and sensed the disappointment. So I didn't invest the time in watching it. Glad to read your reviews. I'll leave that movie off my list.

Robert Graphik

Ha no you should definitely watch it just to see if my critique is on point.:-)

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