Introduce Yourself : Looking to network with like-minded Eclectic Individuals by Courtney Navarro

Courtney Navarro

Looking to network with like-minded Eclectic Individuals

Hey guys, Epicphany Films is a minority founded, female operated independent film company. As an emerging indie film company our goal is to provide an eclectic and unique perspective into the lives of those on the outskirts of society; telling the tales of the many without a voice.We look to spotlight the stories of Minorities and their true to life struggles, centering around the Latino culture that is currently underplayed and misrepresented in the film industry by and large. Epicphany Films will showcase the true diversity found within the Latino community, providing a platform for those looking to break through the shadows of overused stereotypes. Our strategy to build and garner an audience is to utilize a raw, gritty and in- your- face approach to storytelling. We are currently seeking investors to fund various projects we have in development. Looking to network with like-minded Eclectic Individuals. Have some projects I'm looking to make this summer and would love to get a team together. Also, looking for Latino/Latina actors/Actresses for them. Thanks

Andrea Ruschin

I'm neither Latina nor in your area, but I'm absolutely interested in following your work. Minority representation is damn important, and I'm happy to see people on this site actively promoting it. I look forward to seeing more of you, and best of luck finding your team!

Courtney Navarro

Hey Andrea, thanks for replying! We are definitely open to working with anyone but the projects we have this coming summer will require Latino/Latina Actors for the main roles. We truly just want to create experiences & provide a platform for those looking to breakthrough the stereotypes. I see that you have some production experience which is awesome. Any direction you can provide would be great. Really, we just want to get ourselves in front of someone who also Believes and would want to help get the projects made. Any advice as to how we could do that? I look forward to seeing how your web series come along. Best, Courtney

Courtney Navarro

Do you have a FB or Twitter page we could follow you on? Here's ours :) Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Epicphany Films @EpicphanyFilms

Minda Powers-Douglas

Your mission is great. I definitely want to follow what you're doing as well. I'm currently working on a project that will focus on little-known to unknown people in history that have been lost over time. If you ever do anything history-based, we could have crossovers! I'll definitely follow you on Twitter.

Lauran Childs

Hi - sounds good. You might be interested in the movie I'm working on,, which has strong Latin roles. Best of luck with your business!

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