Filmmaking / Directing : My first steps. by Oscar Peña

Oscar Peña

My first steps.

Hello everyone, I, currently, am a student at LCC, attending the DMAC(Digital Media, audio, and cinema) program. For years I've known I wanted to be in the filmmaking industry. it originated when I was a child with a fascination with acting. I already loved to pretend, so I thought it would be fun to do. That idea faded quickly when I got to high school. somehow, never having taken acting or theatre classes of any kind left me With a tremendous inability to preform. Around my early years in high school, I found directing I thought it would be fantastic. Until I got to my freshman year of college. I got together with a friend, knowing I were already headed into the Dmac program, he pitched me an idea for a screenplay. I was severely hooked on writing after that. I tried to make sure I would write once a week. sometimes daily. Albeit, not all of my writings were of quality, and most were down right strange. But as I went on through college, learning more and more about filmmaking, I realised that I wanted to be a cinematographer. The act of digitally painting a picture to accompany the words of a script became my driving force. I began to realise how much more important to me the picture was, rather than the actors or however many explosions there were. Since that realisation, I've had another: there isn't one piece of the filmmaking process that I wouldn't like to have my hands on. So onto the subject of this post. now, as an aspiring filmmaker(at this point, I'll take aspiring amateur filmmaker), I would like to get some input on how to go about obtaining funds, marketing and distributing my films to the right people(for as little to no cost). I have a few projects I would like to wrap up soon and then would like to get into some bigger ones, but really, more fancier ones. If anyone could help me get a better grasp on this, that would be fantastic.

Mark Ratering

Money and distribution the sectors which block guys that have been in the biz for 40 years... like me

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