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Filmmaking / Directing : Sales Projections by Dan Massa

Dan Massa

Sales Projections

Hi there folks. I am developing a project to be shot in Italy but directed to english speaker territories. It's a not typical mafia story and at the moment I am stuck into finding accredited sales projection companies in order to sent this papers to investors. Does anyone of you have any idea on how to solve this dilemma? Cheers

Erik A. Jacobson

There are a number of accredited sales companies that can give you accurate projections, Dan, but first they will need to know the genre of your film, a brief synopsis, your budget, and your actual or projected "name" attachments. Once you have all your ducks in a row, here are a couple of the top indie-friendly sales companies you might consider contacting: Archstone Distribution, email Alex Scott-Webster at ascottwebster@archstonedistribution.com, Carnaby International, email Ashley@carnabyinternational.com.

Alexia Melocchi

As I am Italian and work with several Italian producers and film makers (we are making a film in Italy in September we are handing the worldwide sales of) why don' t you PM me about it? www.littlestudiofilms.com

C. D-Broughton

Dan, For our project, Concerned Citizens, we analysed a hell of a lot of BFI data as well as information that can be found on sites such as www.the-numbers.com and www.boxofficemojo.com At the end of the day, there really is not a scientific formula to predict the future, but viewing trends mixed with the aspects of your project can be used to obtain a pretty good guess at what you should expect should the film succeed. Of course, all projects have a chance of being a failure, but your investors will already know this, so concentrate on telling them your estimates based on home-based and international sales, should your project be the success that you're convinced it will be! I hope that this helps, Carl www.thebeyonderproject.com

Michele Kanan

Hey Dan, did you make any progress?

Alexia Melocchi

territorial trends and markets change every six months. There are certain factors that are included in the right kind of estimates that go beyond the very common chart of how other films in the same budget perform in the territories. IF it were that easy everyone would do it. Also most of the time you will want to have low (get ) numbers and ask (hope) numbers. And projections are rarely bankable or of value to investors if your package is not complete. So I would suggest you work on your packaging first, if you have not done so.

Erik A. Jacobson

Great advice, Alexia!

Regina Lee

Hi Dan, are you willing to pay for a projection sheet? That's not what I do, but I may be able to recommend someone to you. He charges a fee. But yeah, you'll want your cast (or alternative cast configurations) in place in order to get an accurate projection because projections are based on cast, director, as well as genre, etc.

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