Filmmaking / Directing : Script breakdowns, schedules and budgets by Daniel Lyddon

Daniel Lyddon

Script breakdowns, schedules and budgets

Hi everyone, Just a quick question: what are you all using for your script breakdowns, schedules and budgeting? I've used Jungle Software's Chimpanzee and Gorilla but am thinking of switching to Movie Magic or Scenechronize so I wondered what people's experiences with either of the software packages is...

Noah A. Waters III

I just use excel. I'm sure software is a more efficient though.

Daniel Lyddon

Thanks Noah

Stavros Georgiadis

Movie magic et al are convenient/time effective but if your sharing this with others they had better be using the same software. It is why Excel is commonly used. There are positives and negatives to which ever route you go down.

Oscar Williams

I've used TurboAD and Movie Magic Scheduling and prefer TurboAD, however, that software is no longer sold. I've also previewed Gorilla6 Scheduling. The issues with MMS are that if you delete a strip in your board you delete the underlying breakdown page and that has wreaked havoc on many an AD. Gorilla6 appears to have solved that problem. Both MMS and G6 create Day Out Of Days through the Print function. This is crappy any way you deal with it. You have to set parameters in one area, tweak your schedule, then print/review your Dood, and then go back and make changes, and it's clunky and tedious as hell. I wish that TurboAD was revived but the author is not interested. I'll keep trying. Hope this helps.

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