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C Harris Lynn

Sharing is Caring

I submitted an original sit-com pilot to agency a few weeks back and am still waiting to hear from them. Should I post it to my profile for feedback, or is that not recommended? I was also thinking of posting some other eps I have written for it, or would that do more harm than good? (I asked this yesterday in the webinar, but RB got hammered on Tito's and threw us all out before I received an answer.) ;) Thanks!

C Harris Lynn

Thanks, Steven! I'm older, so I did a WGAW before submission, and it was an old pilot I reworked, so it's been under WGAW in a similar form before. I held-off on LoC copyright only because I had heard that you shouldn't submit copyrighted work (something about the agent having to purchase the rights, or execs/networks not being interested in previously copyrighted works). I guess that's changed? I feel safe insofar as that goes, but I am registering it with LoC before I post it anywhere. I hope things go well with your baseball feature! Thanks, Jeff! I'll look it up shortly, but I think I read it before. I was lucky in that I found someone from s Stage32 pitch session who was interested in a project I have backburnered. She asked to see an original pilot, as the work in question is under copyright elsewhere. I was EXTREMELY lucky that I had an original pilot I'd put together years ago - just for the practice, really. FWIW, you only have a three-day turnaround!!!! (I've rewritten it at least 50 times since I submitted, so the current version is the one I'll be copyrighting.) :D Thanks, all!

Rachael Saltzman

Are they actively looking? If so, the response time should be listed.

C Harris Lynn

Thank you for the reply, but it's been handled. :)

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