Filmmaking / Directing : The Reason Why Hollywood Makes So Many Boring Superhero Movies by Andrew Heard

Andrew Heard

The Reason Why Hollywood Makes So Many Boring Superhero Movies

Should superhero movies have more variety in the way they're approaching things.

Richard "RB" Botto

Great share, Andrew.

Andrew Heard

Thanks, it's fascinating to think of superhero movies being more diverse. It might get more people out to the theatre.

Geoff Harris

Surely superhero movies are bound somewhat by the original material and characters? Except maybe Batman which has undergone many incarnations....

Andrew Heard

To a certain extent, but they do move away from the original material quite a lot in order to make it worth watching. If it was just a reproduction of the original comics, it wouldn't be worth seeing.

Dillon Mcpheresome

It sounds like the business of making a movie is ruining the movie business. I hear a lot of writers complain they change your script after it is optioned. Does the Indie prospect change anything in your eye?

Geoff Harris

Very appropriate you use the word 'business' there. Like any other business, the movie business is about making something as cheaply as possible and selling it for a profit. This doesn't mean just making something cheap though, you have to make something people want to buy, which means, like a Mercedes, sometimes it costs money! Any producer will have a clause in their option which will allow them to change the script, or have other writer's work on it, to make it, in their view, more saleable. Doesn't always work of course but you don't know until it's in the theatres. I wonder if the term 'script polish' relates to cars??!!

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