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Courses for Micro Budget Filmmaking.

Is this a thing? If not, I feel as though it should be. As a screenwriter who's concentration is campy comedy/horror, I would rather learn to make films than sell scripts. But I don't have the $10-30K they say it costs to make even the simplest of films. I also don't have the technological know how. Sure, I have all the vision in the world in terms of tone, camera angles, ambiance, etc. But that and $40 will buy you a tank of gas. And a lot of the VOD and made for the internet films I've seen look like they could have been produced for a few hundred dollars and minimal technological savvy. Long story short; are their classes that focus upon Microbudget film making? Something for those of us unable to do the full time film school thing for a multitude of reasons? Thanks in advance FAF

Stage 32 Staff - Julie

We had an incredible Next Level Webinar taught by Tatiana Kelly, (produced of over a dozen films) on micro-budget filmmaking: She's incredible and offers tremendous insights. Also, I'm not sure if you're familiar with all of Stage 32's next level education, but we bring in executives who currently work in the industry to teach at very affordable prices. Here's webinars: and Here's classes (longer and more intensive):

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